Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Philips BikiniGenie Trimmer (BRT 383) Review

Hello! Uhmm.... Today's topic is specifically for the ladies. So men, you could skip this post! Hehehe... With year end fast approaching, it also means holiday season. Whether to the beach or short escape chilling by the pool. Yeah... time to flaunt those bikini wear. But before that, don't forget to keep your bikini area trimmed clean as hygiene also should be first and foremost everyone should consider.

No doubt, there are a number of ways to remove or keep body hair tidy below the belt, such as hot waxing, laser treatments and electrolysis. But all these methods also lead to PAIN... pain... and more pain. It can also be harmful if not done by an expert and cost you an arm and a leg. For those with sensitive skin, you are more prone to skin irritation if the hair removal not done correctly. 

Philips new BikiniGenie Trimmer offers women a hygienic and fuss-free way of trimming and maintaining unwanted body hair, without the worries of accidental nick, scrap or cut of the skin which can lead to infections. Nowadays, everyone is conscious of their body appearance and hygiene so Philips technical experts have worked together with scientists to come up with this innovative device so we could take care of our body hair without any pain or fuss. 

Philips BikiniGenie trimmer consist of two models : 

BRT381 (RM109.00) - 1 click-on comb 

BRT383 (RM129.00) - Mini shaving head and 2 click-on combs

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The Philips BikiniGenie trimmer has ergonomic designs, which makes trimming, shaving and styling handy and comfortable for those wanting to look good and feel confident on a day to day basis. 

My verdict : 

Love the bright purple colour and beautiful compact design.
The trimmer helps to achieve a precise trim and shave with its 2 click-on combs to trim hair to a 3mm or 5mm length, while the bikini trimming head trims the hair to 0.5mm to a much more groomed look. Switching of the shaver/trimmer head is so convenient with just a twist.

The mini shaving head safely trim the bikini line to 0mm without any cuts. The BikiniGenie trimmer is battery powered and can be used in wet and dry conditions
The only disadvantage has to be the vibration and I do find it a tad noisy. You could view my short video. 

The Philips BikiniGenie trimmer, available at Philips Brand Store in Publika Shopping Gallerymajor electrical and departmental stores and on

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