Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rainbow Drips @ Esmé Clinic, Jaya One

Hi! Being health-conscious, I always try my best to eat healthier, exercise regularly and of course intakes of the many nutritional supplements. But do you know when a vitamin is taken orally, a significant percentage may not be absorbed from the gut. It also had to be metabolised by the liver before it is made available to the rest of the body. The vitamin maximum absorption is only possible when it's given directly into the bloodstream.

Thus, I am introduced to Rainbow Drips by Esmé Clinic. Drips, unlike oral supplements, take effect in a much shorter period of time. It will also help to destress, detoxify, anti-aging, skin-whitening, boosting of the immune system as well as re-energizing the body. Even carnitine, a powerful fat burner, may be given intravenously to boost weight loss. 
First, "Bio-Feedback Analysis" and consultation with Dr Shabnam to determine my body needs. 

'Bio-Feedback Analysis" is an efficient and effective tool to analysis our body condition even without blood or urine test.

Okies... so I scored 87.9! Hehehe.... Not that bad.
But but.... I still need to lose fat! See 1.6 kg!!! :(

Apparently, I don't have much problem except that my memory is fading? Yeah.... I got a lousy memory nowadays. Please don't be mad at me for not recognising you. On a side note, please allow me to add you on Facebook as I find it easier to remember you provided you are constantly updating your picture. Hahaha.....
So Dr Shabnam suggested "The Energizer" for me. Yeah.... I need it to reenergize my body and mind. 

Frankly, the needle is kinda thicker than the usual needle you being poked. I was like OMG! But no worries, apart from the slight discomfort felt when the needle is inserted into my vein, the pain is minimal.

It takes about 40 minutes for the whole session to complete. So make yourself comfy, play with your phone or read a magazine. I don't experience any discomfort.

My verdict? I don't see or feel much difference, after all it's only a session of the drips. 


1) The Energizer - Are you fatigue? Non-stop working till late at nights? Low energy levels? Kick back and relax as the energizer drip puts the spring back in your step.

2) The Cleanser - Are you guilty of indulging too much junk food? Have you eaten too much or just recovering from a stomach bug? Want to get your diet plan back on track? Try the cleansing drip and devote the rest of your day to rehydrating and eating light and clean meals.

3) The Detoxifier - Need a detox or getting rid of toxins from your body? Detox in comfort with Esme simple detox drip session to keep your body in good shape.

4) The Liver Cleanser - If you are an alcoholic or like me, a social drinker, alcohol is bad for your liver. No worries, relax and let the drip aid your body in cleaning out the liver.

5) Post Party Drip - Party-animals? After a nasty hang-over, feeling nauseous and dehydrated? Post Party Drip is the SOS to helps gently nudge your body back on track.

6) The Immunity Booster - Easily fall sick? Put the rev back in your immune system with this drip.

7) Whitening (Vitamin C) - Aids in skin radiance and whitening for the skin beauty effect. 

When done in a proper setting and by responsible professionals, these drips are safe and effective. If you have any health concerns, do discuss it with your attending doctor.

Current Promotion : 7 Sessions for only RM1999 (Normal Price is RM3570)
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