Friday, October 28, 2016

All You Can Eat Weekend Dim Sum Brunch @ Ti Chen, The Saujana Hotel(Pork free)

Over the weekend, we had a superb 'All You Can Eat' dim sum feasting at Ti Chen, The Saujana Hotel. In case you don't know, Ti Chen used to be located at the The Club Saujana has now moved to The Saujana Hotel by the lake. Helming the kitchen is the dynamic duo, Chef Yau and Chef Sam, who whips out an amazing selection of handcrafted steamed and fried dim sum, including signature dishes and desserts.

Love the white table settings and windows with lots of natural lighting.

 Spacious and elegant ambiance.

 Private dining room is available for larger group.

Braised Eight Treasure with Atlantic Crab Meat Soup

Every diner gets a bowl of complimentary soup, hence, once seated, we were served this tasty and nutritious soup to warm our stomach.

As for the appetizer, it was available in a buffet spread.
Chilled Prawn with Fruit Salad, Grilled Squid with Green Chilli Sauce

Atlantic Crab Meat with Green Salad, Deep-fried Otak-otak with Sweet & Sour sauce

Deep-fried Chinese Pancake (Red bean & Lotus Paste)

Take your pick from the extensive selection of dishes from the all you can eat menu. Frankly, everything we tried was brilliant, but here are some of the dishes worth mentioning. 

Steamed Signature Chicken Dumplings (Siew Mai) Highly recommended!
Served piping hot, the dumpling was juicy and flavorful.

Poached Dumplings with Sour & Spicy sauce

Steamed Fish Balls with Vegetables

Steamed Barbeque Chicken Buns (Char Siew Pau) Highly recommended!
Super fluffy with sweet and savoury fillings, it was delicious.

Stuffed Mixed Vegetables with Fish Paste in Broth

Steamed Glutinous Rice with Chicken Highly recommended!
Flavourful glutinous rice generously laden with ingredients.

Steamed Rice Flour Rolls with Barbeque Chicken

Deep Fried Yam Puff Highly recommended!

Deep-fried Chives Dumplings

Crispy Prawn Salad Dumpling Highly recommended!
The prawn salad dumpling was tasty and succulent, yet not greasy.

Pan-fried Crispy Chicken Bun with Herb (Chi Kut Teh Bun) Highly recommended!
The bun was aromatic and full of herb flavour, tasted just as good as BKT. Lol

Deep Fried Mashed Potato Dumpling

Steamed Chicken Wing with Ginger Sauce Highly recommended!

Prawn Meat & Vegetable Congee

Vegetable of the day

Steamed Sponge Cake Highly recommended!
I love the 'Ma Lai Gao'! So spongy and fluffy, the sweetness was just right.

Baked Charcoal Mini Egg Tarts Highly recommended!
Another favourite, this hearty mini tarts are eye catching and totally delish too. Light, flaky pastry filled with luscious fillings.

Traditional Peanut Butter Cream Highly recommended!

Chinese Almond Tea with Egg White

Chilled Mango Flavoured Sticky Rice Cake

All You Can Eat Dim Sum Brunch (Pork free)

Only available on Saturday & Sunday
Dining hours  : 10.30am - 3.00pm
Price : RM118 per adult RM59 per child/senior citizen

Ti Chen
The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur,
Saujana Resort,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Tel : +603-7843 1234

Website : Ti Chen

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