Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Ikejime Fish Tasting @ Wellcome Seafood Restaurant

A few weeks ago, thanks to the kind invitation of GST Group, I was back at Wellcome Seafood Restaurant for a wonderful meal of Ikejime fresh fish. GST Group has its very own farming facilities strategically located at Pulau Pangkor, built within a non-polluted ocean, supplying a variety of fish such as Red Snapper, Barramundi, Yellow Tail and many more.

So what exactly is Ikejime fish?
Ikejime is a Japanese method of killing fish, specifically for sashimi-grade fillet. The fish will be paralyzed by the insertion of a spike quickly and directly into the hindbrain to cause immediate brain death, thus no struggling(no flipping of fins). With the said process, the present of lactic acid will be reduced, hence fish will be less fishy and taste better.

Ikejime Pearl Grouper Hot Pot
Crystal clear free of blood stain fish fillets.

Dip the fish fillet in the flavourful boiling herbal soup and within a few seconds the sweet and succulent, delicious fillet will be ready to enjoy.

Claypot Braised Ikejime Pearl Grouper in Yellow Bean sauce
The fish head braised in yellow bean sauce was so aromatic and tasty, perfect for pairing with white rice.

Deep-fried Ikejime Red Snapper in Sweet & Sour sauce
The red snapper was cooked in 2 styles. Half of the fish was deep-fried to perfection with moist flesh beneath the crisp fish skin and drizzled in the appetizing sweet & sour sauce.

Ginger Steam Ikejime Red Snapper 
The other half of the fish was steamed in a premium soy sauce with ginger, shimeji mushroom, topped with scallion to bring out the delicate, sweet flavour of the fish. Truly delicious!

To have a taste of IKEJIME fish at Wellcome Seafood Restaurant, you'll need to pre book at least 2 days in advance. The fish are harvest direct from the sea farm to guarantee freshness.

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  1. wow you sure know where to eat.
    this place I no go dine before.

  2. The fish look fresh! Nice dish prepared for the feast.