Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Woman's Journey Through Health with Menarini

Last Sunday, I attended 'A Woman's Journey Through Health' seminar held at Saujana Hotel, and it totally reflects me on how tough it is, being a woman. When you are young, healthy and energetic, all you want to do is enjoy your life to the fullest. By the time you get married, it would be wonderful if you are able to enjoy your intimate relationship with your spouse without worrying about unintended pregnancy. Did you know 50% of pregnancies worldwide are unplanned with more than half is the Asian. Sadly, half of them ended in abortion. Due to poor contraceptive knowledge, at the time of abortion, at least 60% of women are using a contraceptive method, more common are OCP/condoms which require correct & consistent use. There are also risks or complications of abortion involved. 

Each year, contraception prevents 188 million unplanned pregnancies, results in fewer abortions and maternal deaths. It also gives women opportunities to pursue education and their dreams. Modern methods such as weekly patch, daily oral, monthly vaginal nuva ring, monthly progestogen injection are more reliable ways of preventing pregnancy compared to the traditional techniques. Glad to know there are many modern options we could resort to, nowadays. Did you know taking the oral contraceptive pill could also help to regulate women's hormones? 

Apart from the informative talks, the ladies are also treated to a hair colouring session, bone scan and of course, bringing home more beauty and health related goodies, such as Papulex which is good for treating acne prone skin, Atopiclair a non-steroidal product which is good for eczema problem, Bigen hair colour and many more.  

CSR - Raise fund for Ragunathan family.
A joint initiative with Yayasan Nanyang, all ticket sales to the workshop will be contributed to Ragunathan family. 
It is important to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, reduce your stress level, be happy and live life to the fullest. I certainly learned a thing or two from the fun and interesting workshop. Now let's stay active. Bye! XOXO

Thanks to all the sponsors, Menarini (Official Main Sponsor), Feminine Magazine, Mommy Baby, Caring Pharmacy as the healthcare partner and other co-sponsors.

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