Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mah Sing's Arts and Lights @ Icon City

A one of a kind experiential journey, Malaysia's first interactive pop-up art and technology, Mah Sing's Arts and Lights is every instagrammer's and photographer's paradise.The event open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 19 November to 24 December 2017 is held in Icon City's Central Park, Tower 3 and Tower 5 features 12 distinctive art and technology installations.


The 12 installations each have unique themes targeted to creatively engage audiences includes :
  1. Vista Interactive Wall - Draw a space ship and send it to the stars with the interactive large scale spaceship display. 
  2. Planet Vertica - From the largest suns to the most distant planets, lose yourself in a galaxy of shimmering luminous stars.
  3. Galaxy of Centura - Surround yourself with giant inflatables that burst into a potpourri of colours and sounds when you tap them.
  4. D'sara Music and Lights - Let your twinkle toes lead the way and unlock the hidden secret notes behind each step.
  5. Southville Space Party - In space, everyday is a party. 
  6. Dimension Room - Ever wondered what life would be like in another dimension? A parallel world where the mundane and routine cease to exist and the stuff of dreams become reality.
  7. Flying over Meridin East - Aline abduction, a horrific experience or a once in a lifetime opportunity to whisk yourself away from earthly drudgen.
  8. Anti-gravity - What goes up must come down, but not in this realm. In the galactic gravity room, what goes up, stays up and the only thing going down is the drop of the bass.
  9. Lakeville Roling Comets - Shake, rattle and roll. Bounce off giant coloured ballons and have a ball of a time whether you're young or old.
  10. Aruna in the Sky - Immerse yourself in the ephemeral moment between dusk & night and darkness and light, where clouds sway gently in the sky and the moon shines ever so bright.
  11. Moons of Meridin - Sometimes you just have to let it 'hang'. Allow time to slow to a crawl as you loosely swing to the tempo of bliss and relaxation.
  12. Digi Wishing Tree- For times when a shooting star is not enough, make a wish upon a thousand ribbons at the Arts and Lights Wishing Tree.
In addition to the Vista Interactive Space Wall, among the most eye catching installations in Arts and Lights is the Galaxy of Centura. In Tower 5, there are 4 rooms, Southville Space Party, Dimension Room, Flying over Meridin East and Anti-Gravity, which have been designed as 'selfie' rooms. Each room has fun and quirky props that encourages visitors to interact and get photo frenzied.

 Planet Vertica

 Southville Space Party

 Anti Gravity

 Aruna in the Sky

 Moons of Meridin

 Galaxy of Centura

 Lakeville Rolling Comets

After the inaugural event for Arts and Lights in Icon City, Petaling Jaya, the exhibition will travel to different sales galleries of Mah Sing in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Penang over the next 8 months. Mah Sing's Icon City is the perfect location to host the first Arts and Lights Exhibition for its strategic location in Petaling Jaya makes it easily accessible for visitors. The venue itself also has ample space to be transformed into a dreamy world of art installations.

With its tagline "Reinvent Spaces, Enhance Life' Mah Sing aims to reinvent the learning platform for children and adults with Arts and Lights, allowing visitors to explore and experiment to the fullest potential of their curiosity. Arts and Lights innovative concept sponsors includes Digi Telecommunications, Zalora Malaysia, GRAB, Fave and Fujifilm.

Don't miss out to visit this exhibition for some insta-worthy photo. Admission is FREE, visitors only need to reserve their tickets at

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