Thursday, September 6, 2018

Nippon Paint 'Sayangi Malaysiaku CIY' Workshop

As the Malaysia Day is just around the corner, Nippon Paint has organised a workshop themed 'Sayangi Malaysiaku Create It Yourself (CIY)' with the renowned interior designer, Ben Firdaus, where we get to personalise a home decor item with a splash of Malaysian colours. I can honestly say that I'm not an art person, but thankfully under the guidance of Ben, I managed to create my own masterpiece. If I can do it, so can you! Lol

It was such an honour to be able to learn painting from the talented and friendly Ben Firdaus who has been working on countless projects with Nippon Paint Malaysia. An ongoing program not to be missed, you can catch him with the adorable Nippon Rangers, DIY children's room makeover on Calit, Si Cilik Calit, every Tuesday at 9pm on channel TV3.

Check out Ben's gorgeous creations.

The paint that we used in this workshop is Nippon Hydro-Matt, an environmentally friendly green paint with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) suitable for interior wood and metal use. It is formulated with a solvent-free resin to limit air pollutants and has an extremely low odour during application and drying, in fact, it doesn't smell at all from my personal experience.

Nippon Hydro-Matt falls under Nippon Paint Child Wellness range, the complete coating solutions for your child's safety and wellbeing. You know, children tend to spend an average of 8 to 20 hours indoors daily, hence clean air, safe to touch and anti-stain are crucial to child's stages of growth.

Masking tape is essential to achieve sharp lines and preventing paint from bleeding.

Prior to painting, you must prime the painting surface with Nippon Paint Hydro-Primer to fill the wood pores for a perfect finishing.

Unlike any other paint in the market, Nippon Paint Hydro-Matt is easy to apply, provides excellent coverage and forms a tough paint film with durability and smooth finishing. Not to mention that the paint dries pretty fast too!

Stenciling is an easy way to add design onto woods. Just dip the tip of the sponge into the paint and start dabbing to fills the stencil surface.

Carefully removed the stencil and voila.... a lovely floral design.

Ta daaa.... I present to you, my creation!

Happy faces with our own masterpieces. Thanks for having me Nippon Paint! It was so much fun learning new painting techniques and decorating tips with Ben. Now I am so intrigued to start a DIY project to revamp my room or maybe restore that worn out furniture. Instead of throwing it away, give new life to your old furniture with new paint.

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