Saturday, September 1, 2018

Healthy Inside and Out with Nature's Bounty @ Watsons

We often pay a lot of attention to our outer appearance so we could look good all the time. In fact, I believe most of us will invest in a variety of skin care, hair care and cosmetics to help improve our looks. But aside from all these, do you know that beauty actually starts from within? Hence, our inner health is also a reflection of our outer looks. Did you know you could enhance your inner beauty with proper nutrition? Yes... good nutrition is the key to a healthy life! Eating a healthy, balanced diet, plus proper intake of nutrients could make a world of difference. Having said that, we are glad that Nature's Bounty, America's premium vitamin and supplement has officially launched in Malaysia and is now available at all Watsons store in Malaysia.

Nature's Bounty is all about beauty from the inside and out, glowing skin with an inner radiance, you will look and feel great. The premium vitamin and supplement brand has over 40 years of reputation for delivery high quality vitamins and supplements to consumers from around the world. Their R&D team constantly research for new ways to bring high quality innovative products to help people stay healthy, active and feeling good. Nature's Bounty vitamins and supplements are manufactured in the USA with comprehensive testing of ingredients and over 100 quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to deliver outstanding quality, innovation, selection and value consistently.

We are challenged to create our own healthy granola cup at the media launch event.

Ta daa... here's my healthy granola cup.
Starting with oats as base, topped with pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashew, goji, cranberries and yogurt drizzle.

Ester C 500mg RM69.90 (90's) RM27.90 (30's)
What you put on the outside is equally as important as what you put into your body. While your skincare is working on your skin, you may want to enhance the results with possibly the world's best Vitamin C. Nature's Bounty Ester C is a unique patented form of Vitamin C that readily absorbs with long lasting effects to ensure what is taken is optimized in your body. The proprietary formulation ensures prompt delivery and superior bioavailability as compared to regular Vitamin C, plus it is non-acidic(neutral PH), thus gentle on the stomach. With Nature's Bounty Ester C, you can now have the best of both worlds in keeping your skin feeling and looking the best.

Nature's Bounty B Complex Plus C RM41.90 (45's)

Nature's Bounty Calcium Magnesium Plus D RM45.90 (60's)

Nature's Bounty CoQ10 100mg RM69.90 (30's)

Nature's Bounty Omega 3 Fish Oil 1360mg RM74.90 (30's) RM121.90 (90's)
Nature's Bounty Red Krill 1000mg RM99.90 (30's)
Nature's Bounty Salmon Oil 1000mg RM55.90 (120's)

Start your beauty routine with Nature's Bounty, you will glow with it.

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