Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Play PUBG MOBILE for FREE with Yoodo, Malaysia's First Customisable Mobile Service

Hey! Do you prefer talking on the phone or texting? Whichever you prefer, I'm sure you'll love Yoodo, Malaysia's first truly customisable digital mobile service that empowers users with flexibility and control of their mobile service. Gone are the days where we need to adapt and adjust accordingly to our telco plans. Thanks to Yoodo, now you can simply customise as you please, from data, voice and messaging, with up to 1000 possible combination, you can even create and change your mobile plan as often as you like without any hidden charges or commitments.

Say goodbye to the typical mobile plan rules, now you are free to customise your package alongside the ability to dynamically add-on or auto-renew as you please. Network connectivity wise, you can be rest assure and stay connected with Celcom's widest and best mobile network.
Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo, said, "Mobile customers are getting more discerning and looking for more control over what they get. We came in at the right time a year ago delivering true freedom and transparency through our customisable plans."

Yoodo celebrated its first year anniversary by rewarding its loyal customers who have been subscribers since the beginning with special goodies including a new smartphone and a limited edition Yoodo hoodie. Ever since its launch, Yoodo has garnered a strong and highly supportive community of users, affectionately called Yooders.  This growth has been driven not only by Yoodo's unique product offerings but also strong support from Yooders and feedback from the community. Yoodo always hosts Community Day events for everyone get together and mingle, whilst open for new ideas and possibilities to further elevate the platform.

Some of the highlights that have marked Yoodo's year are the first ever Yoodo Community Day that had a large gathering of users coming out to celebrate and grab a sneak peek of the coming offers, the sponsorship of Malaysia's first ever official PUBG MOBILE National Championship and the sponsorship of the winning team, Gank FTY, as the first official Yoodo gaming team that will be participating in upcoming PUBG Mobile tournaments across the country.

Other exciting offerings from Yoodo in the past year includes, Roam Like Home packages which allows users to travel to up to 53 different countries with their local Yoodo plan all at a flat rate of either RM10 or RM20 and the 20GB PUBG MOBILE game-specific data for gamers that is currently FREE through an on-going promotion. Yes... you can play PUBG for FREE! On top of that, Yoodo is also gifting all users a special promotion that allows 3x More Data, which means 3x More Savings when they purchase a data booster.

How to be a Yoodo user? 

  1. Order your free SIM via the app or web (it will be delivered for FREE within 1 to 3 days)
  2. Create your Yoodo account, self-activate and self-authenticate your SIM using IC or passport. 
  3. Customise how much data, voice or SMS you want. 
  4. Select your mobile number! (you can even retain your current number)
  5. Confirm your plan and your sign up is complete!
To learn more about Yoodo and its mobile plan options, please visit www.yoodo.com.my/ or follow www.facebook.com/yoodoMY for the latest updates on promos and deals.

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