Thursday, March 14, 2019

AmLife - Total Sleep Health Expert

Happy World Sleep Day everybody!
Good sleep equals good health. Besides getting enough sleep, the quality of your sleep is equally important too. Did you know nine out of ten Malaysians suffer from one or more sleep problems? Getting a good sleep plays an essential role for your health as well as better mental and physical fitness. Some of the factors that cause sleep disorders include stress or depression, unhealthy lifestyle, environmental issues and spending too much time on gadgets. That said, AmLife has launched their new tagline "Life, Redefined", a movement to helps Malaysians achieve better health through better sleep, thus redefining their lives.

For the fourth year in a row, AmLife returned with its World Sleep Day tribute. This year, a sleep health showcase co-hosted by the World Sleep Society was held at the Sunway Resorts Hotel to members of the media sharing insights on natural solutions that aid with better sleep. Having recently repositioned themselves as a total sleep health expert, AmLife's diverse range of products is a testament of their intent to break into the total sleep health market offering a more holistic way to improve sleep, as well as address sleep-related matters such as health, beauty and wellness.

Founder and President of AmLife, Mr Lew Mun Yee is a firm believer in natural healing through deep sleep, hence developed a full solution to help people regain health through good sleep. Incorporating this year's World Sleep Day slogan, "Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging", Amlife introduced their innovative sleep health products which include the debut of the AmPower Platinum Blanket, an anti-aging technology from Japan which assures its user not only quality sleep but also to wake up feeling restored, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Also present at the event were international speakers cum sleep experts, Dr. David Samson, Assistant Professor in Biological Anthropology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada and Dr. Koyabu Miki, Integrated Chinese & Western medicine practitioner from Japan.

To recognise Amlife's effort to promote sleep quality in the international arena and their efforts in sleep education in the region, the World Sleep Society, an international organisation founded by the World Sleep Federation and World Association of Sleep Medicine presented the 2018 Distinguished Sleep Award to Amlife at the event. This is Amlife's second time receiving this award, a testament to their efforts in the sleep-health arena.

Not your ordinary blanket, Ampower Platinum is the latest invention in the sleep health industry. Ampower Platinum is 100% made in Japan and the material is made of platinum fibre and superior cotton that is soft and silky smooth to the touch. Its superior breathability helps resist the room's cool temperature and dampness, promote metabolism and delays aging. Ampower Platinum produces one trillion vibrations per second which help to change the structure of the water molecules in the human body. With a smaller cluster of water molecules, they become more active hence ensuring our body stay hydrated and healthy. It also promotes the lymphatic circulation, accelerate toxin removal from the body and strengthen the body defence against wind, cold and dampness whilst enhancing the body immunity and revitalising the body and skin.

Did you know our lymphatic system plays an important role in the human body? There are about 10 billion active lymphocytes in a healthy human body which able to remove up to 99% of soluble toxins and metabolic wastes. The Ampower Platinum produces one trillion vibrations per second help shorten the cycle of lymph circulation, thus ensures effective removal of body waste through lymph and reduce waste accumulation in the body. On top of that, it also helps reveal a brighter, smoother and softer complexion, as well as eliminate edema to restore the body shape. Not to mention, the Ampower Platinum unique traditional floral print artwork from Japan exudes a soothing Japanese-influenced ambiance.

We get to try out this AmPower Platinum Blanket at the event and I love how lightweight the blanket feel, yet keeps me warm and cosy.

After 20 minutes, my hand feels smoother and more supple instantly. It also helps to eliminate toxin through perspiration. Can you spot the white patches? Ewww.....

To ensure we age healthily, we need to ensure we practice good sleeping habits. AmLife aim to continue championing the cause of good sleep for healthy aging by introducing more natural sleep-aids into the Malaysian market.

The AmPower Platinum Blanket is priced at RM8,600.00 (single) and RM11,100 (double). For a limited time, quote "AL06" to purchase the AmPower Platinum Blanket at a special price of RM6,880 (single) and RM8,880 (double).
To purchase, please call Evi : 012-216 0266

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