Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vegesushi Workshop and the Introduction of Obantxos @The Sake Place, Plaza Arkadia (Non halal)

Oishi-neh! Made sushi for the first time ever and I think I've nailed it? Lol
Thanks to my friend Jacqueline, I got to know about this Vegesushi workshop that was held at The Sake Place over the weekend. Inspired by Kyoto's vegetable eating culture, Vegesushi is a new style of sushi conceptualised by Hoxai Kitchen with workshops being conducted in Kyoto, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, New York and Bangkok to name a few. The colourful rectangular-shaped sushi is not only stunning and delicious, but healthy too.

The workshop was hosted by Sogen-san, a renowned Japanese food designer, lecturer and chief editor flown all the way from Japan for this Vegesushi-making workshop.

An array of ingredients such as avocado, eggplants, boiled broccoli, ladies fingers, capsicum, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, baby corn, pickles, lemon, lime, onions, assorted nuts, nori and many more were prepared.

I've picked my favourite avocado, capsicum, almond and asparagus, a little bit of everything for the toppings, decorate as you wish before spreading the rice evenly on top and press down firmly.

A nori sheet was placed on top, cut and the sushi is ready to be served.

Wow! Check out our beautiful creations.

It's finally time for us to enjoy our Vegesushi, even better pairing them with sake. We were served two different types of sake. Smooth body and mellow in flavour, the sake was delicious and easy to drink.

We're also introduced to Obantxos, a unique combination of Obanzai, traditional Japanese cuisine and Pintxos, a snack typically eaten in bars in the Basque country of Spain. The bite-sized appetizer features broccoli in tomato sauce, chicken with grated carrots in balsamic vinegar, Hokkaido's eryngii sauteed with konbu and stir-fried eggplant.

My personal favourite is this delectable Hokkaido's eryngii with a heavenly depth of flavours and textures.

The moist and tender boneless chicken breast was amazing too. I generally don't eat chicken breast, but this was so tasty and keep me wanting more.

Chef Sogen proudly shows off his creations that not only pleases the palate, but also the eyes.

The Sake Place's owner, Danny Leong is also a certified sake sommelier hand-picked three types of sake to pair with the Obantxos. We started with the light and refreshing ginjo, Dewa Sakura to a zaku from Megumi No Tomo, that somewhat richer in flavour yet smooth finish. Last but not least, Kubota, an easy-drinking Junmai with fragrant fruity aromas.

It was a fun outing with this sweetie, from memorable sushi making experience to the tasty sake pairings which complement really well with the Vegesushi and Obantxos. With up to 56 types of sake available here at The Sake Place, I can't wait to come back and try them all! :p

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