Thursday, July 11, 2019

ARISSTO Tea, The New Art of Tea

Do you enjoy drinking tea, but find it a hassle to make an excellent cuppa? The traditional tea culture is gradually declining, especially with the Millenials due to the complexity of the process involved in making a perfect cup of tea. Introducing the new art of tea, the ARISSTO Tea! Brewing a perfect cup of tea is made easy with the revolutionary ARISSTO TeaPresso. A new trend in tea-drinking culture, ARISSTO Tea is inspired by the high-pressured steam technology found in the making of espresso and combines with the state-of-the-art capsule technology to create TeaPresso.

Far better than brewing tea bags, the new ARISSTO TeaPresso seals tea leaves into patented capsules that help preserve its freshness. Each capsule filled with signature tea leaves and the essence of the tea would be released within 30 seconds at the touch of a button. Forget the hassles of straining and steeping! With the brewing technology of TeaPresso, you no longer have to worry about filtering or oversteeping your tea, which may cause bitterness in the tea. Everyone can brew the most stunning cup of tea ready instantly anytime, anywhere with ARISSTO TeaPresso.

Last Saturday, we were privileged to be invited to join ARISSTO's Grand Musical Coffee Party held at MIECC, in conjunction with the grand launch of the all-new ARISSTO Tea.

Fun and quirky, the entertaining musical premiere party were attended by thousands of audiences cheered and applauded enthusiastically at every show.

ARISSTO 's signature tea is specially sourced from a selection of high-quality teas across famous tea plantations from the world, namely China, India, Sri Lanka and Europe. Their unique wellness tea collection includes :

Pure Ceylon Black Tea (The King)
Full-bodied Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka that is perfect for brewing English milk tea and fruit tea or add mint for a cup of refreshing mint tea..

Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Passion Fruit Flavour (The Queen)
Full-bodied Ceylon black tea infused with refreshing and tangy passion fruit flavour.

Pure Green Tea (Prince)
A selection of green tea leaves from Sri Lanka with a hint of fruity notes. Simply add fresh strawberry, lemon juice and ice cubes for a cup of refreshing strawberry lemon tea.

Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Rose Flavour (Princess)
Savour unique floral notes with smooth, light flavours in the blend of Ceylon black tea infused with fresh rose scent.

Pure Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot Flavour (Earl)
A blend of Ceylon black tea infused with bergamot oil that exudes fresh and natural citrus notes.

The tea brewed using ARISSTO's high-pressured steam technology is particularly rich in flavour and can be enhanced with honey, milk, ice cubes, herbs or fresh fruits. You can also combine with other ARISSTO capsules to create a variety of tea beverages. With ARISSTO Tea, everyone can be an outstanding tea master and brew the perfect cup of tea. For more information, please log on to

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