Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Davines - 'Become An Ocean Keeper' Sustainable Beauty Campaign

Davines is proud to launch its first ever recycling project in Malaysia, the 'Sustainable Beauty' campaign to create beauty in a harmonious synergy with the concept of sustainability and conserving green forests. Established since 1983 by the Bollati family, today the brand is an international business operating in 94 countries dedicated to the professional haircare industry. Did you know plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to ocean health? Over the last decade, more than 8 million tons of it ends up in the ocean every year and sadly if we continue to pollute at this rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050.

So what can we do to save the ocean? There are many ways and one of the simplest things we can start with is using less plastic products. In line with the Davines Asia 'Become An Ocean Keeper' campaign, Davines has partnered up with CRC and Yellow Bin to place recycling bins in selective Davines Malaysia salons in the state of Selangor, KL and Johor to collect recyclable plastic bottle from the public.

The campaign aimed to raise the awareness amongst the public on the impact of global warming and the importance of practicing a productive recycling system. The proceeds generated from the recycling campaigns will be channelled to support the Community Recycle for Charity (CRC).  CRC is a non-profit, registered and government approved organization founded in the year of 2008 with the aim to serve communities by helping those who are in need regardless of neither race nor religion. The organization is dedicated to make charitable giving part of our everyday lives and inspire everyone to play a proactive role to serve the needy in the communities by means of environmental friendly practices of 'Recycling'.

在6月8日,我们将在启动我们的Ocean Keeper 海洋守护者环保活动。 作为2019年#sustainablebeauty活动的一部分,我们与@crcbox和Yellow Bin合作,在我们的#davines发廊中放置回收箱,以鼓励我们的客户回收他们的空塑料瓶。 不仅如此,我们承诺在Instagram首600个贴子分享,每一份分享额外捐赠RM5捐款给予@reefcheckmalaysia 用于他们的环境项目,以帮助传播对正在发生的海洋污染的认识以及我们可以做出的帮助改变而采取的行动!分享时请别忘了分享以下的标签! #oceankeepermy #davinesmsia #becomeanoceankeeper 现在就加入我们,成为海洋守护者的一部份。因为我们想要做到的不仅仅是世界上最好的,而是为世界最好的。#bcorp . . On the 8th of June, we will be launching our Ocean Keeper Recycling Campaign nationwide. As part of our #sustainablebeauty campaign for 2019, we’ve partnered up with @crcbox and Yellow Bin to place recycle bins in our #davinessalons to encourage our clients to recycle their empty plastic bottles. Not only that, we’re pledging a RM5 donation for every share of this post on instagram to @reefcheckmalaysia for their Environment Project for the first 600 shares to help spread awareness on the ocean pollution that’s going on and the efforts we can make to help change that! Please include these hashtags when sharing! #oceankeepermy #davinesmsia #becomeanoceankeeper Join us now and be part of the movement. Because we want to be not just the best in the world, but the best for the world. #bcorp
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In addition, Davines also pledged to donate RM5 to Reef Check Malaysia's Environment Project for every share of this post on Instagram during the campaign period to help spread awareness on the ocean pollution. Don't forget to include these hashtags #oceankeepermy  #davinesmsia  #becomeanoceankeeper and tag @davinesmyofficial. Join now and be part of the movement to save the ocean!

Also worth mentioning, the Davines group has become one of the first 40 pioneer companies certified in Italy to be awarded the B Corp certification. In addition to profit, Davines Group is committed to maximizing their positive impact by providing tangible solutions to environmental and social issues whilst respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency and accountability. Davines also earned a place on the '2018 Best for the World list' by scoring in the top 10 percent among all B Corps on the B Impact Assessment. This year Davines is proud to be on the ENVIRONMENT Best For The World list.

For the latest updates and more information, please visit Davine's Facebook page or Davines's Instagram

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