Monday, January 6, 2020

A Toast to Prosperity with Napoleon V Marengo XO Brandy & Feranttino Wine

Yum seng! Let's toast to prosperity, success and good fortune for the Year of the Rat. The Lunar New Year is just three weeks away, it's time to stock up on the groceries, goodies and not to forget, alcohol! There's nothing better than ushering in the Year of the Rat with toasts of fine Napoleon V Marengo XO brandy and delicious Feranttino red wine.

Napoleon V Marengo X.O Brandy comes in 3 beautiful packaging of different colour and taste to suit your personal preference.

Supreme XO  - Gold (700ml) RM418.00
The striking metallic gold bottle is a symbol of wealth and power, which interprets luxury, elegance and classics.

Premium XO - Black (700ml) RM398.00 
Black exudes a superior and magnificent style, yet exquisite and extravagant in a low profile.

Powerful XO - Red (700ml) RM438.000
Red represents power, enthusiasm and also a lucky colour, perfect for celebrating special occasions. 

The hero in the eyes of the French, Napoleon left a significant impression for his battles as a commander in the military history. The famed Battle of Marengo led by Napoleon, not only preserved the French revolutionary regime, it is also the proudest victory in Napoleon's life ever. The horses that Napoleon rode in one of the world's famous paintings, "Napoleon Crossing the Alps" are named after the Battle of Marengo. The 'V' in the brand symbolises none other than victory, success and power while the wine bottle contains the hope and courage for a better future.

Rich and full bodied, the sophisticated blend of Napoleon V Marego X.O Brandy offers an enticing array of aromas, strong yet delicate and exceptionally smooth. Each and every bottle of Napoleon V Marengo resembles the heroism in making history and the courage to breakthrough.

Feranttino Classic Limited Edition Gift Set Rm178.00
Meanwhile, for red wine lovers, you'll surely love this! The delicious dark and intense medium bodied wine exude fruity aroma with a soft, velvety finish is such a pleasure to drink.

Surrounded by beautiful scenery with an excellent climate, Veneto is one of the most renowned wine producing regions in Italy. To fully express Merlot's original flavour and regional characteristics, the vineyard minimizes the intervention of vine growth, such as pruning, bunch removal, taking utmost care of each planted Merlot in the vineyard.

Feranttino Classico Reserve RM148.00

Feranttino Chinese New Year Premium Gift RM318.00
Feranttino Classic Limited Edition Gift Set (2 X 750 ml)
Feranttino Classico Reserve (700ml)
Free Gift Feranttino Travel Bag

All these make a great gift for the Lunar New Year, get yours now from!

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