Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Rediscover Your Love for Beer & Food with Heineken

Wine pairing is nothing new, but have you ever heard of beer pairing? Well, if you haven't, me neither. But of late, yours truly had the opportunity to experience an exclusive beer and food pairing, thanks to the kind invitation from Heineken Malaysia. Through a series of collaboration with selected restaurant partners such as The BARN Wine Bar, SOULed OUT Kuala Lumpur and Lavo Restro Wine Atelier, HEINEKEN Malaysia's signature lagers, stouts and ciders prove to be the perfect partners to pair with a variety of specially curated menus.

The "Sip and Savour" beer and food pairing session introduced us to a truly exceptional experience enjoying the right beer paired with the right food. The pairings show how lagers, stouts and ciders can cut, contrast, complement and cleanse the palate in their own way, how the carbonation, alcohol and hops from beer 'cut through' the flavours and textures of the taste buds and also complement similar flavours and characteristics in food.

Meanwhile, beer and food also can create a contrast pairing, bringing out the unique characteristics in both the pint and the plate, you can even use your beer to cleanse your palate, for instance a cool and refreshing flavour of lager beer to wash down the heat of fried chicken.

Apple Fox Cider with Patatas Bravas (fried potatoes in spicy sauce).

Smoked Salmon Taco and Salsa Molcajete with Heineken Beer. 

Irish Brewed Meatballs served with Kilkenny. 

Poached Atlantic Sole with Paulaner. 

Australian Wagyu Beef Noodles served with a chilled glass of Tiger beer. 

Guiness Stout with Vietnamese Lamb Cutlet with Grilled Root Vegetables..

"We are delighted to share our delicious array of food paired perfectly with some of the Heineken Malaysia's brands. At SOULed OUT, there's something for everyone with our legendary four kitchens namely Western, Asian, Northern Indian and SO Pizza.Your favourite lagers will pair perfectly with our signature Wagyu beef noodles, smoked salmon taco and poached Atlantic sole. For ale lovers out there, we actually use Kilkenny to braise our beef meatballs, which gives them a rich flavour while balancing the bitterness of the ale. Another interesting and innovative pairing in our menu is stout with Vietnamese lamb cutlet and grilled root vegetables," said Chef Ben, SOULed OUT Group Head Chef.

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