Sunday, March 8, 2015


Chinese New Year is all about feasting, beside visiting or gathering with relatives and friends of course. 😝 This gotta be my most 'atas' Chinese New Year meal for the year. The Han Room, Chinese New Year 8 course set menu priced from RM999++ up to a whopping RM3988++. We settled for the mid range set priced RM1988++. 

White Bait Fish & White Truffle Vegetables Yee Sang 
Yee Sang is served by the waiter with CNY greetings. Check out the video :
I find the Yee sang average and the white bait fish nothing to shout about.
Braised Bird's Nest Soup with Seafood in Coconut 
Individual served, the clear soup is piping hot with intense seafood flavour.

Braised Whole Abalone with Japanese Mushroom & Chicken Wing Stuffed Liver Sausage 
With faint taste of the sea and chewy texture, the abalone is braised just right. Mushroom is thick and spongy, but I don't enjoy the chicken wing.

Braised Boston Lobster with Shanghai Rice Cake & Kimchi 
For the price we paid, I'm expecting we get half portion of lobster for each person. Yet...... And the presentation is definitely a let down, notice the messy plate? Taste wise, kimchi does not complement the lobster well.

BBQ Baby Duck with Smoked Duck Breast 
The duck's meat is so tender with crispy skin. 

Two Variety Rice with Scallop & Crab Meat in Superior Crab Soup 
Taste kinda like porridge but with intense crab flavourful soup.

Chilled Mango with Sago Cream 
Deep Fried Sesame Ball with Azuki Red Bean & Golden Custard Pumpkin 
Chilled mango with sago cream definitely not chilled enough! Thick and creamy mango cream with bits of pomelo. 
Golden custard pumpkin with salted egg yolk filling is just as good.

The Han Room 
G243, 246 & 247, 
The Gardens Mall, 
Mid Valley City

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