Friday, March 20, 2015


Hey all..... It's been super hot lately rite? In sunny and humid Malaysia, sweating and body odour is common and daily issue for everyone, not just the active among us. 

Dettol recently launched it's newly-improved Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash range at Capri by Fraser, Bangsar South. The new range now comes with 12-hour odour protection and longer lasting freshness. On top of the re-launch, Dettol also unveiled a new variant, Dettol Lasting Fresh with cucumber extracts. Understanding the needs of consumer and the importance of good personal hygiene to provide the best protection against germs and bacteria. 

Dettol's latest new variant, Dettol Lasting Fresh protects us from odour-causing germs for up to 12 hours! Now it even comes in a brand-new transparent PET bottles packaging which not only eye-catching to look at, but also carries a premium quality look. 

The launch is kick start with an energetic Zumba performance.
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Mr Rakesh Kumar Singh, Marketing Manager of Dettol, RB Malaysia & Singapore and Ms Nana Mahazan officially launched the new variant, Dettol Lasting Fresh with cucumber extracts.
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Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash is trusted by families and medical professionals for generations, it's the ideal body wash for every Malaysian family to be 100% sure of protection from germs and bacteria while feeling fresh all day long. 

Chit-chat session with Jay Menon, Nana Mahazan & Dr Steven Chow, Senior Consultant Dermatologist.

Dr Steven Chow, explains perspiring and body odour are common issues among Malaysians. When perspiration stays on the skin's surface and interacts with bacteria on the body, the bacteria breaks down the perspiration into fatty acids which produces an unpleasant odour. Therefore, good personal hygiene, especially with anti-bacterial body washes can help fight germs and prevent body odour.

The New Improved Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash range in four variants. The range continues to be pH-balanced to keep the skin moisture intact : 

i) Dettol Lasting Fresh Body Wash (NEW) 
Enriched with cucumber extract, amazing scent and its unique long-lasting fresh technology always leave you with that just showered feeling of freshness every time. 

ii) Dettol Cool Body Wash 
Cool, crisp menthol revives your senses, leaving you with a refreshingly cool tingle after each shower. 

iii) Dettol Fresh Body Wash 
Scented with refreshing citrus that leaves you with the fresh feeling. 

iv) Dettol Re-ernergize Body Wash 
Its zesty mandarin scent keeps you and your family energized after each shower. 

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Get your Dettol Healthy Fresh Body Wash in 250ml (RM6.90), 500ml (RM11.90), 950ml (RM17.90) and 900ml refill (RM15.25) at all retail stores nationwide for whole family protection and freshness.

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