Thursday, March 26, 2015


Last Sunday morning, I am invited to Sunway Lagoon's first ever Walk & Hunt in the wild. Grabbed along my fitness freak blogger buddies Kak Ella to be my partner. 

The event kick-started with the energetic aerobic warm up session. 

Move your body... Move it..... Move it....

Joining in the fun are Sunway Lagoon's Captain and Lady Quack, Sunway Pyramid's Leo and Leona, Sunway Universities Samson the Bear, Chichi and Chacha as well as Milo's mascot.

My friend Sherry cute kids are all ready too....
Sweet and Harries, the hosts of Malaysia's leading children's edutainment show, Chichi and Chacha as seen on Astro Ceria also take part in the event, who both expressed that it was a fun day out and they learnt new facts about animals in the Wildlife Park. 

We began our morning walk around Sunway Lagoon greeted with wildlife and lots of green scenery. What's better way to promote togetherness among friends and family members than with such healthy activities.

Wildlife Park is the first and only fully interactive animal-themed attraction in Malaysia houses more than 150 species of every possible exotic and tame animal in the world. The list includes Civet Cat, Cockatoo, Cottontop Tamarin, Eagle, Fennec Fox, Gibbon, Hornbill, Kite, Macaque, Macaw, Mandrill, Mouse Deer, Ostrich, Otter, Peacock, Prairie Dog, Phyton, Spotted Deer, Sun Bear, Sugar Glider, Panthers and many other animals.

Let's pose with the gorgeous birdie....

The interactive concept behind the zoo encourages guests to not only see and learn about the animals but also to get up close and personal by touching them.

Started our questionnaire session where we need to answer question regarding Wildlife in Sunway Lagoon. Lots of running around while the clock is ticking and of course we try to find short cut with a little help from Mr Google.

Then there's activities session like trying to leap as far as a tiger, catching pond fishes and drawing of snakes & plants. 

We had a crazy, tensed but definitely fun day together. Hee hee haa haa hoo... Go go Team2010!

Received our certificate of participation. Wuhoo.... ✔️

The winners of the Walk n Hunt...
Though we didn't win the challenge, its definitely a fun experiences.

Sunway Lagoon also announced the winner to its "Name the King and Queen of the Jungle @ Sunway Lagoon" contest which was held last year. The winner, Jonny Wong Kwei Ji, aged 36, has won a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 by naming the theme park's new pair of white lions Zola(male) and Zuri(female) which simply meant love and beautiful. 

Adding on the excitement, Sunway Lagoon has also re-launched its Wildlife Park with Puan Noorul Ashikin Binti Mohd Din, General Manager of Tourism Selangor, who has graced the event. She believed that with the refurbished Wildlife Park in Sunway Lagoon, it will continue to attract visitor locally and globally to the theme park as well as promoting Selangor as one of the tourism destination in Malaysia.

Let's selfie with the white tiger... Are you Zola or Zuri? I have no idea? LOL 😅

Sunway Lagoon Entrance Fees 

Adult (12 years old and above)  RM145 

Child (11 years old and below) RM115 

Senior Citizen(60years old and above RM115 

Operation Hours 
Monday to Sunday 
10am - 6pm 

For more information, kindly contact Sunway Lagoon at +603-5639 0000 

Sunway Lagoon's website 


  1. congrats to winners, indeed a fun event to go with family and friends.

  2. it was really fun day for us. Tired but happy!

  3. Zola or zuri doesn't matters...what matters is its a LION,WHITE LION...HAVE UR IDEA???LOL