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March is the month of International's Woman Day. There's no better time for L'Oréal Paris Malaysia to honours Malaysian Women of Worth, represented by celebrities Nana Mahazan, Nurita Harith and Tracy Cheong. A Woman of Worth is one who takes care of herself, recognises the values she creates in her own and other people's lives and honours whatever she does and all that she is. 

From left : Nana Mahazan, Nurita Harith and Tracy Cheong.

Nana Mahazan 

Being a mother of two and host, she believe that you shouldn't hide your qualities just because someone thinks you're different. It's the different that makes you even more beautiful. Being an outdoors person, she will protect herself by applying sunblock, taking pride in caring for herself. She think every woman should be comfortable in admitting they love to look good, just like herself. After all, we're worth it! 

Nurita Harith 

Keeping her head high, armed with passion and ambition in everything she do, fashion designer Nurita Harith is proud to be where she is today. All the hard works paid off when she had her first show in the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2006. She believe, she's truly a woman of worth! 

Tracy Cheong 

For model and L'Oréal Paris spokesperson Tracy Cheong, she admits that she never leave home without at least two different shades of lipstick in her bag. She think lip colours have the ability to transform look in second and she could change her image to match her mood with any colour of shade. The Top 5 finalists in the Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2010, favourite lip colour is a Taylor Swift-esque bright red, as it makes a huge impact with or without eye makeup on. 

Nana, Nurita and Tracy embody the essence of L'Oréal Paris perfectly with combination of beauty, brains and individuality, and as Malaysian Women of Worth, it's also an acknowledgement to all Malaysians that a woman's worth is so much more than what one perceives or sees. L'oreal Paris Malaysia hope to empower Malaysian women to embrace their individual beauty, to go further in life and to achieve their true potential. 

Everyone have their own Women of Worth that plays a huge role in their lives. Be it your mother, sister cousin or even childhood friend. A true Woman of Worth has a great support system in a best friend who stands by her side no matter what, and this relationship is cherished for a lifetime. 

Tracy's Woman of Worth is Karena Teo, a fellow model and actress. 
Nurita introduce her aunt who is like a mother to her. 
Nana best pals Ira is like a sister that she wished she had, from young. 

Nothing can trump the love affair a woman has with her lipstick. It's an extension of a woman, it's a signature, a kiss, an embrace... With different shades to suits one's personality.


To commemorate it's 30th anniversary, L'Oréal Paris Color Riche is showcasing all 22 shades! It's the world's most iconic lipstick, because there is a colour for all women. From shades of various pink, mauve, fuchsia, red, coral and beige tones, each Color Riche shade hugs the lips with vivid colour and nourishes with a blend of plant-based oils. 

I found this gorgeous fuschia shade.

Wanna be empowered? Just pick one Color Riche lipstick as your signature shade today! With tonnes of shades to choose from, even your very own Woman of Worth deserves a color Riche lipstick to show how much you value her.  

L'Oréal Paris invites all Malaysian women to honour the Women of Worth in their lives. Just snap a photo of yourself and your Woman of Worth and share your stories on L'Oréal Paris Malaysia 

hashtag #WOWLOrealParis 

Make a promise to yourself this year to be a Woman of Worth. Feel empowered. Do something new. Try everything you've always wanted to. And don't forget to appreciate your very own Women of Worth. Tell her that you love her for who she is and recognise her abilities. 

"When a woman feels empowered, she will never feel like a victim to anyone or anything." - Karen T. Fondu, President of L'Oréal Paris

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