Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hola! Leading a hectic lifestyles, it can be pretty difficult to look after our health and diet. After all good health matters most, rite? Eating well may not necessarily provide our body with the complete nutrients hence multivitamins in the form of a super convenient supplement are essential. 

Pharmaton the market leader in multivitamins in Malaysia is a brand that delivers more than your daily vitamin and minerals. Pharmaton provides the energy to fuel our paced life so we are ready to face challenges head on, improves bodily functions and assists in reducing tiredness. Pharmaton's Swiss combination of vitamins & minerals, delivers the nutrient enabling one to achieve more besides providing optimal health benefits. 

Speech by Ms Carmenza Alarcon, Head of Consumer Healthcare Boeheinger-Ingelheim Malaysia & Singapore.

Pharmaton delighted to introduces its Brand Personalities Fara Fauzana and Sherson Lian recently at Talent Lounge, PJ Trade Centre. Both of them lead an active and energetic lifestyle. Dynamic, charismatic, successful and they are the perfect embodiment of a Pharmaton user who is sharp, focused and want to achieve nothing but the best in everything that matters to them. 

Sharing their personal tips on sustaining energy levels despite their daily challenges, Fara Fauzana the newly appointed host of Muzik-Muzik also works as a radio announcer starts her day as early as 4am, hits the treadmill and be at the office by 5.00am. With Pharmaton, she is on top of her job and has the energy that can see her through till the end of the day including playing her favourite sports every night with friends. 

Sherson on the other hand claims that he has to stay alert and physically fit due to his nature of work. As chefs, he need to have focus in everything from planning the menu to choosing the best and freshest ingredients. He also need to have the energy to manage the challenges in the kitchen. As a host on food programme, it's important for him to have the alertness, to be able to memorise scripts and enduring long shooting hours. 

Sherson showed off his culinary skills as he prepared ginseng ice cream, the key ingredient found in Pharmaton. 

Delicious ginseng ice cream by Celebrity Chef Sherson Lian. Lucky me!

OMG.... He's such a heartthrob!

Ginseng has been valued for centuries for its strength-nourishing and rejuvenating powers that can provide optimal health benefits. According to the earliest pharmacopoeia in Chinese history, ginseng is described as a plant tuber with various tonic and medicinal properties for the health of the human organs. Thus ginseng is termed as the "all healing" herb, with its botanical name "Panax" meaning "all healing" in Greek. 
Pharmaton with Ginseng Extract G115

Pharmaton Capsules is available in amber glass bottles of 30s and 100s. It is also offered in lightweight convenient blister packs of 10s, packed into boxes of 30's and 60's available in all leading pharmacies nationwide.

For more information, log on http://www.pharmaton.com/

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