Friday, August 21, 2015

MediFeet Medical Health Shoe Review

Just got myself a pair of MediFeet shoe and this shoe is really made for walking. Honestly, not all shoes in my closet are made for walking. It may be fashionable and pretty, but it's not comfortable to walk or even wore for a long period of time. How pathetic, right! :p

MediFeet specialize in Health and Wellness footwear that require special care, including diabetic, arthritic, bunions and other types of medical conditions. All the footwear is highly comfortable, without the need for breaking-in and yet durable thanks to the use of the highest quality material and uncompromising quality control. The concept of the shoes are functional-designed for people who demand style and beautiful craftsmanship but still want the Health and Wellness benefits MediFeet is famous for. 

Introducing, MediFeet Fairlady!
Isn't it gorgeous looking? It's not only pretty, but comes with Poron cushioning insoles which helps to provide even pressure distribution across the foot.  With microfibre leathers, it is easy to clean too.

Power Arch Support
Made of specially formulated latex to relief arch pain caused by flat, weak, fallen or high arches where you need it most.

Soft and super flexible. Low-profile outsoles with extra flexibility for feet to move naturally.

Excellent comfortably of food bed with Poron, for maximum anti-shock, resilient cushioning and protection from extreme impact. 

Directional Grooves
The natural rubber added with directional grooves for optimum grip and slippery prevention. Excellent foothold and durable that are essential for pleasant walking experience. 

Active-Lite Midsole
Superior lightweight EVA midsole with 55 density for optimal comfort.

No matter how big or small your feet, you will always find the medical shoes you need.
The Collections : 

Wide Toe Box
Constructed using Wide-Fit lasts, the wide fitting provide absolute comfort preventing pain or discomfort in the forefoot.

One of the best seller, MediFeet Walkabout allows 2 ways of wearing.

Some of the shoes I tried on the other day. So comfortable and stylish as well.

Wide range of MediFeet diabetic shoes are available too.

Special thanks to Leona for introducing me to MediFeet shoes.

Now, I can walk a thousand miles in style with MediFeet. Hehehe.....

MediFeet's Website
MediFeet's Facebook


  1. a thousand miles! haha that's real far..but yea super comfy shoes matter so much to us ladies

  2. I can get size for my husband...

  3. when choosing a diabetic walking shoes you need to pay attention that the inner part of the shoe will be cushioned as well as soft on the skin.

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