Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sembonia Summer 2015 Collections @ Sembonia, Pavillion KL

Bags play a very important role in our daily lives all the time. We carries important items like wallet, phone, cosmetics and so much more in our bags. Besides that, it's also a fashion statement for the ladies.

Sembonia, a brand from Singapore founded by S.S Chiang(Group's Executive Chairman) is one of the top rapidly growing brands of leatherwear established since 1994, with an extensive range of products that includes bags, shoes and other leather accessories. Sembonia provides the means to a stylish lifestyle in you and definitely a one-of-a-kind take on how you could express yourself through fashion.

Recently, I was invited to Sembonia Boutique in Pavilion KL for a preview of it's Summer 2015 : Revolutions of Leather Accessories collections featuring a collection of wallets, wristlets and clutches.

I truly adore the sweet pastel colour and practical design of the collections.

Continental Wristlet.

Available with the choice of Bi-Fold or Tri-Fold, this is one pretty looking wristlet for you to flaunt in style.

The Discerptible Fold Wallet.

Available in sweet pastel colour with option to detach the discerptible pouch if you do not wish to bring the wallet out for lunch or quick one. 

The Slim Accordion. 

Available in 3 colours, you will have room for everything if you don't own too many card.  

Oversized Wristlet.
You know how wristlet can be pretty looking but unable to fit in your necessities like smartphones.
Now with the Oversized Wristlet, you could even chuck in your Mini Ipad. Practical and stylish, all in one.

The Clutch To The Nine Double Accordion
Last but not least, my favourite of all! Gorgeous looking stingray leather screaming for attention, you could carry this like a bag or even clutch when the gold chain is removed.

Apart from wristlet and clutches, wide selection of stunning handbags, totes and even heels available too.

Yours truly and her dream clutch. *hint *hint :p

Thanks to Sembonia for having me. #OOTD

Ending this with a group pic of us with our favourite item from Sembonia collections.
*Pic credit Ruby

Giveaway Alert!!!

I am giving away 10 sets of this vouchers to my lucky readers. Comment below and tell me which is your favourite pick from the Sembonia Summer 2015 collections. Contest ends 31st August 2015.

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  1. my favourite pick will be the wrislet with bird picture on it :D

  2. My favorite is the wrislet with the bird also <3 <3

  3. My favorite is the handbag Wendy Pua is holding, the one on the right in the group photo.

  4. Please give me The Slim Accordion....

  5. My favorite pick from Sembonia Summer 2015 collection is the Continental Wristlet. The one with the lovely bird design on it :)

  6. My favourite is The Clutch to the Nine Double Accordian. I love it .

  7. Sweet pastel summer collection. Love the Continental Wristlet, with the birds on it.

  8. The Clutch To The Nine Double Accordion will be my favourite. Simply gorgeous.

  9. My favourite pick would be The Detachable To The Nine.It's perfect for a fashionable day out in any era.

  10. My favourite pick is The Clutch To The Nine Double Accordion

  11. You are right, The Clutch To The Nine Double Accordion sure is pretty! I would love to have the Continental Wristlet because I have been looking for that perfect wristlet for so long! Sometimes when you don't feel like bringing out a huge bulky handbag, that wristlet would be just perfect and the detailing on it is so pretty! Loving all the continental birds on it too.


  12. I want the 30% off voucher for my birthday pls! So I can have the black color clutch! yeay

    Kolin zainal

  13. My favourite pick is The Clutch To The Nine Double Accordion it is so awesome because black is a neutral color it great for everyday use and it's also great for special occasions.

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