Friday, August 28, 2015

Tiger Radler Pop Up Party - The Picnicarnival @ Avenue K

Isn't that one lovely photo? Special thanks to Philippe for the amazing shot using a 50mm portrait lens. Anyway, the pretty scene of the lemon tree with lot's of lemons is made possible by Tiger Radler. Last weekend, I was invited to join in the fun of a Pop Up Party by Tiger Radler. The refreshing 'Picnicarnival' an outdoor party was held at the rooftop of Avenue K inspired by the breeziness of picnics and magic of carnivals.

Picnic spots are decorated in various themes such as English countryside, flower power, oriental garden and many more as we enjoyed our picnic basket and refreshing Tiger Radlers.
We are astonished by the picnic styled carnival fanfare that came packaged with stilt walkers, jugglers and unicyclists amidst several game stalls.

One of the game challenge is to scoop out 10 real lemons in a short period of time given. For each successful challenge, we will be given a token. We can redeem for Tiger Radler premiums such as Pop-Up Party stickers, T-shirts, koozies, notebook, huge soft toys, or even Tiger Radler six pack cans using the tokens. 

Finally, after so many rounds of games, I'm so happy to be able to bring the adorable huge bear home.

*Pic credit Philippe. 

A soaking tub with lemons was also made available so we could kick off our shoes and keep cool while soaked our feet and sipped on refreshing Tiger Radler. 

Cheers with Tiger Radler the perfect accompaniment to any occasion.

 'wefie' with the gang. :D

Hmm... I am not drunk. Just enjoying the moments. :p

Tiger Radler, Double Refreshment.

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