Friday, August 28, 2015

Boh 'CHAM' & '3IN1' Less Sugar with Stevia Leaf Extract

In conjunction of the nation 58th Merdeka, BOH commemorated true Malaysian fashion with a special "BOH CHAM PARTY' celebrating the diversity and richness of our Malaysian culture and heritage. The party showcased how the infusion of language, food, beverage, clothing and even marriages among Malaysia's diverse society has been embraced to present a truly unique and distinctly Malaysian identity.

You know at times when you are torn between coffee or tea? Good news! Now, you could CHAM. BOH has just released its latest tea beverages, the BOH CHAM and the BOH 3in1 Less Sugar uses Stevia Leaf extract for an excellent taste with 25% less sugar.
We really enjoyed BOH CHAM milky and mellow flavour of coffee. One more cup, please!

BOH CHAM is a combination of Teh Tarik and White Coffee, formulated with Stevia Leaf extract an authentic Malaysian favourite. For those on the go, it is conveniently packed as a sachet too, so you are able to indulge in the guilt-free BOH CHAM anytime.

The latest addition, BOH 3in1 Less Sugar, infused with Stevia Leaf Extract with natural sweetness promises the same rich taste of the 'Original' yet is a healthier option. Stevia Leaf extract is a natural plant extract that is naturally sweet with zero calories and its pure extract is safe for consumption by adults and children.

BOH CHAM and BOH 3in1 Less Sugar are priced at RM14.30 for 12 sachets and RM19.90 for 18 sachets respectively. Enjoy your favourite and healthier BOH tea now, less 25% sugar.

The BOH CHAM PARTY was truly a memorable one with the butterflies. Thanks for having me! XOXO

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