Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jewel In The Lotus @ Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, One World Hotel

On the 15th day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar is the Mid-Autumn festival. Let's celebrate this special occasion with family and friends, savouring mooncake while admiring the moon. Dim sum Chef of One World Hotel, Jordan Chin once again presents an assortment of exquisite creations which comprise both traditional and innovative flavours. Rich in culture and heritage, texture and taste, the pastry is baked to perfection for total indulgence!

There are nine types of baked mooncakes and eight types of handcrafted snow skin moooncakes available. One of my favourite picks will be the brilliant Deep Fried Teo Chew Yam Paste with Single Yolk. Also available are White Lotus and Black Sesame Paste with Single Yolk, Supreme Mixed Nuts or Tiramisu and Walnut just to name a few. 

As for the snow skin mooncake, you could opt for the Red Bean Paste with Pumpkin Seed, Durian Lotus Paste or Green Tea Lotus Paste. For the health-conscious, check out the sugar cane free selections such as the mouth-watering Pandan Lotus Paste and White Lotus Paste with Mixed Nuts.

Elegantly presented in a beautifully crafted packaging, it serves an ideal gift for business associates, family and friends too. The mooncakes are available ala-carte or in a sets of four baked skin and eight snow skin mooncakes. It is priced from RM13 nett onwards (Price are inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% Goods and Services Tax.)

For orders or enquiries, please call Zuan Yuan at 603 7681 1159 or email to

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