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Raku Pizza 楽ピザ Build Your Own Pizza @ SS15, Subang Jaya

Raku Pizza 楽ピザ  nestled on the busy street of SS15, Subang Jaya offers delicious fast-casual Japanese style pizza. However, Raku Pizza 楽ピザ is not your usual Japanese style pizza as you could build your own pizza here in a simple 3-step way with your favourite toppings.

Get crazy or go safe with your choice, whichever way you like it. :p

Just choose your crust, sauce and toppings. That's it!


Customize Pizza:
Dough + Sauce + Cheese = RM7.90

STEP 1: Dough Types: 
• Plain
• Herbs
• Charcoal

STEP 2: Sauce Types:
• Japanese Curry
• Wasabi Mayonnaise
• Teriyaki
• Miso

STEP 3: Choose Toppings (Additional Charges)
• Soft-Shell Crabs – RM7.90
• Ebi Katsu – RM6.90
• Beef Pepperoni – RM3.50
• Karaage Chicken – RM3.50
• Extra Cheese – RM3.50
• Chicken Ham – RM3.50
• Tune – RM3.50
• Grill Chicken – RM3.50
• Chicken Sausage – RM2.50
• Crab Stick – RM2.50
• Onsen Tamago – RM2.00
• Boiled Potato – RM2.00
• Bonito Flakes – RM1.50
• Mushroom – RM1.50
• Pineapple – RM1.00
• Sweet Corn – RM1.00
• Sweet Onion – RM1.00
• Mentai Mayonnaise – RM1.50
• Wasabi Mayonnaise – RM1.00
• Japanese Mayonnaise – RM0.50
• Okonomi Sauce – RM0.50
• Shredded Seaweed – RM0.50

My customize pizza made of charcoal dough with wasabi mayonnaise, topped with soft shell crab, ebi katsu and mushroom.

I would rate this combination 5 star. Hehehe.... So pretty and mouth-watering with the wasabi mayo blends in really well with the soft shell crab & ebi.

Another creative creation by my friend. Herbs dough topped with soft shell crab, shredded seaweed and Onsen Tamago. Yumz....

If you are not into building your own pizza, fret not as there's a wide selection to choose from its signature pizzas.

Tony Chopper RM11.90
Teriyaki sauce, cheese, mushroom, Japanese mayo, shredded seaweed.
Biting into the crispy pizza crust with generous mushroom and cheese, feels light and heavenly.

Edo Samurai RM12.90
Crispy Karaage chicken with lots of sweet onion, cheese, bonito flakes, shredded seaweed and okonomi sauce.

 Tokyo Delight RM11.90
Ever wondered how well pizza and potatoes goes along? Pretty interesting combination, as the boiled potatoes and curry sauce really matched well.
Cheese, sweet corns, mentai mayo and shredded seaweed make the pizza more interesting and tasty nevertheless.

 Fujiyama Sunrise RM12.90
Karaage chicken, chicken ham, pepperoni topped with generous cheese and mayo, rich and hearty pizza for meat lovers.

Sakurajima Lava RM12.90
Onsen tamago pizza? So protein packed, served along grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, cheese, sweet onions, onsen tamago, Japanese mayo and shredded seaweed. 


Americano Sumo RM12.90
Beef pepperoni with wasabi mayo not overly pungent at all. Generous cheese, sweet onions, sweet corns, and shredded seaweed, so delicious.

 Aomori Geisha (Vegetarian) RM11.90
Vegan will love this light and tasty combination of cheese, mixed salads, wakame, tofu with sesame or yuzu dressing. 

Beside pizzas, Raku Pizza 楽ピザ also offer wide range of pork-free udondonburi and some other common Japanese side dishes. 

Wafu Curry Prawn Katsu Udon RM13.90
Udon noodles served hot in Japanese curry sauce with ebi katsu.

Truly a savoury Ebi Katsu Udon.  

Tama-Toji Chicken Katsu Don RM11.90 (M) / RM14.90 (L)
Crispy fried chicken fillet topped with cooked egg and onions with specialty sauce drizzled on rice.

Only 8.5 " pizza served here with generous cheese and fillings. Forget the usual tomato based sauce, as the unique sauces here totally bring a whole new flavour to the pizza.

All in all, it's pizza with a twist at Raku Pizza 楽ピザ. Not only affordable, it's mouth-watering and delicious too. Thanks to Foodink for the recommendation.

Raku Pizza 楽ピザ

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