Thursday, January 7, 2016

Delicious Pastries Treats @ Croisserie Artisan Bakery, Plaza Damansara

Hola! If you know me in person, I am never a pastry lover. Well, I am not, until I was introduced to Croisserie. I visited Croisserie for a brunch date with my foodie friends recently. This bakery is highly recommended by one of my friends who love to get his pastries craving fixed here. Ok.... if he approved, then it's got to be good. :D The pastries are freshly baked daily by Chef Ken Jay using top quality and freshest ingredients and here are some of my personal favourite.

Salmon & Spinach Quiche RM13.00
This is the latest offering by Croisserie. Doesn't it look incredible? It is mouth-watering delicious too. Must try!

Beef Bacon & Mushroom Quiche RM11.00
For beef lovers, try the savoury delights beef bacon with generous mushroom.
German Pudding Tart RM4.00
Oh my... this is not only looking good, but taste incredibly good too. And no, it's not an egg tart! Simply adore the smooth and creamy custard in a totally perfect tart crust.

Frankly, it was my first time trying Canele. It has a lovely crust and tasted slighty burn while the inner remain soft. Quite a memorable taste.

Signature French Croissant RM3.50
Never been a fan of croissant, till I tasted Croisserie's croissant. The croissant here is made of top quality Japanese flour and French butter.

The special 16 layers croissant is all fluffy, flaky and crispy with French buttery aroma. This is also Croisserie best-selling signature product.
Croissant aux Amandes RM5.50
For nutty lover, you can try this version of croissant coated with almond cream and covered with a layer of toasted almonds.

Cinnamon Raisin Puff RM4.50 
If you noticed, Croisserie's pastries are much darker in colour. They are definitely not burnt, in fact Chef Ken Jay wish to produce a much crispier texture and bring out the flavours of the pastries.

Oyaki Pan RM2.80

Plain Bagel RM3.50

Apple Danish RM5.50
The scrumptious fillings are homemade from fresh Granny Smith apples, for the extra tartness and tucked into a flaky buttery crust.
Oyaki Pan RM2.80

Tarte au Citron RM12
Crumbly pastry and deliciously zingy lemon combine to make the perfect tarte au citron.

We are also treating ourselves to a selection of Christmas special only available during the festive seasons. 

The Triple Noel Cake RM130
Ohh... Chocolate lovers would love the multi-layers of hazelnut dacquoise, chocolate florentine, chocolate ganache and chocolate mousse.
Santa Berrylicious Cake RM140
Wow.... look at the beautiful layering. The multi layers of sourish, sweet flavours consisting of biscuit joconde, raspberry mousse, lychee mousse & raspberry compote, refreshing with lychees goodness.

Croisserie Signature Stollen RM100
The fruit bread containing candied citrus, berries, fruits shimmered in orange & lemon juice, homemade marzipan, assorted nuts and bathed in a luxurious butter and drizzled with a coating of Trehalose. Truly a winner. Don't forget to grab  Croisserie's Stollen for your Christmas celebration this year. I bet your guests would be amazed!

The talented and friendly young Chef Ken Jay Lim.

Croisserie, a good place to hang out with the amazing pastries and decent coffee.

The cozy dining area is located at the upper floor. Order your pastries and beverages downstairs, and your order will be served to you.

Croisserie Artisan Bakery 
No. 14, Jalan Medan Setia 2, 
Plaza Damansara, 
50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel :+603-2011 3727 

Business hours : 8am-8pm 

Facebook :


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