Saturday, January 23, 2016

Turn Back Your Body Clock with Fitness First

Do you have any idea of your actual body age compared to your chronological age? I often get to know mine thru Tanita weighing scale assessment. But how accurate were the results? Thus, Fitness First has launched 'BioScore' a bespoke health and fitness assessment which determines your biological or 'fitness age' compared to your real age.Unlike the conventional health fitness assessments, BioScore doesn't only look at the body weight or body fat percentage, but instead, focuses on other key metrics. The assessment conducted by a trained specialist comprises a series of health and fitness tests and a comprehensive lifestyle questionnaire, in order to obtain a more holistic picture of a person's health. Yours truly was honoured to be one of the first few along with some media friends to try out the Bioscore assessment.

1) Health test : Lung function, blood pressure & waist to hip ratio. 

2) Physical Test : VIPR Loaded Movement, core endurance, hexagonal agility, standing jump, TRX row & 500m row.

Woot woot..... my first TRX attempt. *sweat*

One of my favourite whole body workout, the rowing machine. We are required to row 500m in the fastest time and I think I did pretty good.

3) Lifestyle questionnaire.
No matter how hard we train, our lifestyle does make a big difference. The results from all the three tests will be analyzed to determine one's BioScore, which will be either higher or lower than one's actual age.

Ta daa.... here's my score. Younger by 2.5 years. Not that great, but there's always room for improvement. Time to go for more intense training. Bring it on, baby.

So what's your 'fitness age'? Find out now at your nearest Fitness First. Do share with me your score. :p

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