Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wonderful Southern Thai Treat @ Thai Syok, Sunway Mentari (Non Halal)

Thai Syok is well known for its authentic Southern Thai cuisines and charcoal BBQ Yakitori. It's latest branch located at Sunway Mentari have a charcoal BBQ counter in front of the shop for grilled-to-order Yakitori.

Modern and cosy interior with colourful tables and chairs.

Green Milk Tea Malacca Sugar RM5.90, Honey Lemon Tea RM6.00, Pandan Lemongrass with Cincau RM6.00, Honey Lemon RM6.00

Thai Syok's Salmon Yee Sang RM38 (Half Portion) RM68 (Full Portion)
It was my first time having a Thai style Yee Sang and I'm loving it. The Yee Sang served with Thai Syok's special homemade sauce is truly amazing. 

Thai Style Boneless Chicken Feet
The chicken feet make a great appetizer with its sweet, spicy and sourish flavours. Love the cold and crunchy texture of the chicken feet. 

Marinated Pork Belly (3 skewers)  RM12 
We love our pork skewer. Grilled to perfection with the right fat and lean meat ratio.

Deep Fried Pork Knuckle RM58
Crispy skin with tender meat, this is one of the best dishes and I would highly recommend this. 

Lemon Steamed Siakap
Perfectly steamed fish in a tangy and spicy broth, best paired with steamy hot white rice.

Deep Fried Garoupa Fish in 3 Tastes of Spicy, Sour and Sweet (Seasonal Price)
Fish fillet with coconut curry is a tad rich and sweet for my liking.

Prawn Cooked in Coconut Milk (Seasonal Price)
The prawn served on a hot plate is delicious with rich coconut milk. 

Yakitori Combo RM24 (Only available for dinner)
A combination of pandan chicken, chicken wing, pork neck, honey basil pork grill with lemongrass, Tom Yum King prawn and pork belly skewers.

Braised Tom Yam Pork Knuckle
Eat it on its own or wrapped up with salad equally tasty. Tender chunks of pork knuckle braised with herbs and spices adds a tremendous amount of flavour.

Tom Yam Kung (Seasonal price)
We are in for a treat for the evening with huge prawn priced at RM10 each, freshly caught from Tanjung Karang in fiery hot Tom Yam.

Stir-fried Prawn and Fish Fillet in Herbs
Prawn and fish fillet in aromatic herbs and spices.

Green Curry served with Thai Noodles

Banana with Chestnut
Slightly under ripe banana in mild sweet syrup. Pretty and mouth-watering dessert.

Red Rubies with Jackfruit in Coconut Syrup RM5.20
My favourite Thai dessert generously loaded with red chestnut is a marvellous way to end our meal.  

We are also introduced to two new Washington apple inspired dishes by Thai Syok.
Thai Crispy Duck with Homemade Apple Sauce
The homemade apple sauce is truly the winner of this dish. Dip the duck into the sauce brings out its flavour. 

Apple Song Tam with Crisp Barramundi Fillet (New menu)
Interesting combination of fish fillet with the refreshing green apple. Seriously good!

My verdict, Thai Syok offers fresh, authentic and wonderful Southern Thai cuisines and the best part is, you could order your foods to your preferred level of spiciness or even less salt, sugar, oil for a healthier option. Must try includes Yakitori, Pork Knuckle, Chicken Feet and Tom Yam Gung.

Thai Syok Thai Food & Yakitori BBQ
No 15, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Sunway Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya,

Thai Syok
Jalan Setia Prima H U13/H, 
Section U13 Setia Alam

Contact: 03-5612 5916 / 016-222 1957

Business Hours:

Mon-Tues: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm
Thurs-Sun: 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:30pm
Closed on Wednesday


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