Thursday, February 25, 2016

Timeless Beauty with Verthys Fineskin Facial Therapy (Review)

Earlier this month, thanks to the wonderful invitation from Verthys, I get to experience Verthys Fineskin Facial Therapy treatment. The facial therapy claim to harnessed the best of nature and science to Transform, Balance and Hydrate skin back to its finest form in 7 ways, in just 7 days. With the triple power of Mandelic Acid (AHA), Vit B5 and Arginine the therapy helps to speed up healing-time, boosts up collagen production & immunity and charges up cell growth.

The relaxing and comfortable treatment room.

The facial began with double cleansing to remove oils, impurities and stimulates circulation.

Instead of extracting, Verthys Fineskin uses the exfoliating gel to exfoliate for a bright and clear complexion. It is painless, but able to get rid of those whiteheads and blackheads.

Fineskin emulsion is then massaged into the skin to reduce fine lines, regain oil-control and release antioxidants hence restoring youthful skin.  Simply adore the lovely mild scent.

Fineskin Emulsion.

For a little booster, Fineskin Concentrate Ampoule is massaged into the skin to revitalize and rejuvenate. It feels soothing while nourishing my skin to promote repair and healing.

Fineskin Concentrate Ampoule.

Next, Fineskin Balancing Mask is applied and leave on for about 20 minutes. The mask is rich in alginates can helps to purify, reduce acne marks, unclog and refining the skin.

Verthys Fineskin Balancing Mask.

After the mask removal, the therapist applied Fineskin emulsion to calms and relaxes my skin, followed by UV Care SPF25++ for Vital UV protection.

The end result? My face feels silky smooth, firmer and more supple.
Check out my before and after comparison pic. Notice the glowing and brightening effect? Hehehe.....

And of course, don't forget to continue your skincare regime with Verthys home skincare products. Just as the finer things in life, special care is required to maintain its optimum condition and maintain the refined skin.

Ladies, book your appointment now, for a timeless beauty experience with Verthys Fineskin.
First trial only at RM288!!! (Normal price RM480)

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