Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mentholatum Launches Nature Inspired Botanics Skincare

Hello, my lovelies! Do you know Mentholatum has come up with a brand new skincare range known as Botanics? Inspired by nature, the skincare range offers the best results at an affordable price with the finest ingredients. Each of its natural ingredients is selected based on their unique properties that would nourish our skin from the inside out.

The Mentholatum Botanics range of face wash comes in 3 types : 
Foam Wash 160ml (RM25.90) 
Oil & Blemish Control foam wash range with Ylang-Ylang and Tea Tree extract as the main ingredient to helps balance oil and revitalise that skin. 
Whitening Foam Wash suitable for all skin types contains Aloe extract and Narcissus that provides moisture and brightening properties.
Pump Wash 150ml (RM21.90) 
Deep Cleansing pump wash is formulated with Ylang-Ylang and Tea Tree extracts to helps purifies pores.
Moisturing & Brightening pump wash contains Rosehip Oil and Pearl extracts to brighten and improve the skin's luminosity. 
Face Wash 100g (RM14.90) 
Hydra Whitening face wash suitable for all skin types contains Arbutin Bearberry helps to retain skin moisture and brightens the skin. 
Pore Refining face wash with orange scent is suitable for oily & combination skin contains Rosemary and Witch Hazel which helps to minimizing pores, controlling oil and fighting acne. 
Deep Cleansing face wash has a refreshing lemongrass scent contains Ylang-Ylang and Tea Tree extracts to control oil, prevent blemishes and reduces blackheads. 
Hydrating face wash with soothing Jasmine scent is suitable for dry & combination skin contains Calendula and Jasmine that helps to soothe, hydrate and rejuvenates dry skin. 
Sheet Mask 22ml (RM6.90)
The Botanics sheet mask is made from Lyocell fiber derived naturally from trees are enriched with Hyaluronic Acid comes in 5 variants :
  1. Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mask 
  2. Pomegranate Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask  
  3. Rosemary Pore Refining Facial Mask
  4. Rosehip Oil Brightening Facial Mask
  5. Lavender Soothing Facial Mask

REVIEW - Aloe Vera Hydrating Facial Mask

My verdict 

The thin mask able to adhere perfectly onto the skin. My face felt pretty well-hydrated and moisturised after the mask and I also love that it doesn't leave a sticky residue. Massage the remaining essence into the face, and it doesn't take long for it to absorb completely.

Mentholatum BOTANICS product price ranging from RM6.90 to RM25.90 is available exclusively at the Guardian. 

Website : www.mentholatum.com.my

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