Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Italy VIP IPL Flash Rejuvenating Facial Treatment @ Mediva (Review)

Hey, ladies! As age is catching up, it's time to step up on our skin protection against aging. I don't know about you, but I love to take care of my skin by going for regular facial. The other day, when I was back to Mediva for my facial treatment, I was introduced to the rejuvenating Italy VIP IPL Flash facial treatment. This facial treatment is great for dull skin, enlarged pores, age spots, scars, wrinkles and even helps to tighten the skin and repel double chin.

The treatment room was cosy, clean and spacious. It was dimly-lit during my treatment.

The treatment started with double cleansing to deep cleanse and remove surface impurities, followed by a granular scrub to eliminate dead skin cells and boost cell regeneration. The therapist then proceeds to steaming prior to extraction. Thankfully, the extraction didn't hurt much, but it was rather reddish and the redness was milder after the oxygen spa. She then massages my face to promote blood circulation, followed by a sensational shoulder massage. It was so relaxing that I found myself dozing off.

Next, it's the highlight of my treatment, the IPL machine. First, my face were applied a soothing gel before being treated with the light based treatment. Literally, apart from the flash light distraction, the procedure was painless.

As the facial came to an end, a Korea Collagen mask was applied to improve my skin's elasticity and enhance its radiance, followed by the moisturiser and sunblock. 

My verdict : My skin looks firmer and feels well-hydrated and more even skin tone.

Dewy complexion, brighter and more radiant.

Wow.... A huge increase in moisture level too, from 37.9% to 55.7%! The Italy VIP IPL Flash facial treatment truly helps to drench my thirsty skin. 

First trial RM108 (Normal price : RM880)

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