Thursday, June 2, 2016

Lower Cholesterol with NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® Milk with Oats, Power of Two (Review)

Follow up to my recent post on NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® MILK WITH OATS I believe you still remember that cholesterol plays a major role in a person's heart health. The higher your blood cholesterol level, you will be at greater risk for developing heart disease or having a heart attack. 

Love your heart! Start eating a healthy diet along with NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS® MILK WITH OATS that combine the power of two cholesterol lowering agents from the action of Acticol® in milk and Beta-glucan in oats. The ACTICOL® in NESTLÉ OMEGA PLUS®, has been scientifically proven to help lower bad cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoproteins or LDL) by blocking the absorption of cholesterol into the bloodstreamIt is also high in calcium to help you build and maintain strong bones and teeth. The beta-glucan from oats aid in binds and removes cholesterol from the body.

It is easy to prepare too! Just add 200ml hot water and stir well, for a cup of creamy and absolutely delicious oat milk. 

Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats comes in convenient single serve sachets, so I can have it anytime anywhere. 

I take 2 serving daily to help lower my cholesterol levels. One serving for my breakfast and another serving before bedtime to beat the night-time hunger pangs. Last but not least, don't forget to keep moving too. 
Hurry, grab yours today at all hypermarkets and supermarkets for RM 19.98 (10 sachets x 42g in one pouch)


  1. I recently bought these as well for my dad. Never gave it a glance but my dad's blood report isn't that great so have to change his diet and mine, too.

  2. this is good, must keep some in the house instead of unhealthy snacks haha

  3. I like the sachet packaging, so convenient since I'm always on-the-go :)

  4. Nice packaging.. easy to use for on the go... just keep in bag some to beat those hunger pangs.. LOL....

  5. Love the packaging and thought of buying this.

  6. I like it too, so convenient and can control my cholesterol level too.