Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Mizu Mochi @ Minamotonoya Japanese Cafe

Do you still remember the 'water mochi' dessert craze? Minamotonoya Japanese Cafe, located in the hustle and bustle of Bandar Baru Sri Petaling was actually the first in Malaysia to introduce the water mochi last year. Anyway, recently I was back to this hipster cafe to sample their new menu offering.  

Passion Fruit Mojito RM15.90 & Lemon Mojito RM13.90
Refreshingly good to quench your thirst.

Tori Karaage RM11.90
Served piping hot, it was juicy, well marinated and crispy, pretty addictive.

Shimeji Mushrooms Pesto Spaghetti RM15.90
Creamy and light al dente pasta packed with herb flavour, it was delish.

Cheesy Pork Roll Spaghetti 
Succulent pork roll laden with cheese was remarkably good. It was a tad wet though.

Citrus Orange Salad with Flame Cheese RM14.90 (served with Wafu Yuzu or Goma Sauce)

It was zesty with Wafu Yuzu dressing brought it to a whole new level of taste.

Goma sauce on the other hand was a tad rich and heavy for my taste bud.

Unagi Kabayaki Ochazuke RM19.90
Classic Japanese comfort food, the broth was served separately in a teapot for you to pour it into the donburi and enjoy as a chazuke.

Egg with Jelly Furikake Don RM14.90
This is an interesting dish where you will need to give it a good mix and the melted broth jelly will add savoury flavour to the rice. Flavourful rice topped with fluffy egg, highly recommended!

Chashu Don RM19.90
Nicely done tender chashu served with rice and topped with tamago.

Tofu Cheese Cake RM9.90
Orange Cheese Cake RM15.90
Blueberry Cheese Cake RM15.90
Light and creamy, heavenly melt in the mouth delights. My personal favourite will be the Tofu Cheese Cake.

The crowd puller, lovely Mizu Mochi RM6.90 

It was a pleasant experience dining here again. Simply amazed with the new interesting dishes such as Egg with Citrus Orange Salad with Flame Cheese, Jelly Furikake Don and Chashu Don which you definitely have to try. 

And of course not forgetting the instagram-worthy Mizu Mochi. :D My photo even got featured in French Cosmopolitan online portal.

Minamotonoya Japanese Cake
37, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,

Business hour :
Monday - Saturday
11am to 3pm
6pm to 10pm

11am to 5pm

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