Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Triumph Body Make-Up Light & Magic Boost Light (Review)

Ahem.... Guys, you may want to skip this post as today's I will be sharing on women's intimate apparel. :p If you still remembered, I found my perfect fit from last year's Find The One with Triumph and it was a pleasant experience wearing them till today. For this superb Summer 2016, Triumph’s gorgeous new Light Fascination collection has arrived, just in time to freshen women up for the warmer months, bringing with it all the confidence- inspiring benefits of super-breathable, lightweight fabrics and design excellence. It was crafted to the highest comfort levels, this new range is everything your favourite lingerie should be, sensuously surrounds your body in extremely lightweight yet perfectly fitting support, airy comfort and fresh beauty. 

The new collection boasts Triumph’s star products, including Body Make-Up Light, Magic Boost Light and Shape Sensation Light, each series thoughtfully designed to impart specific features depending on the wearer’s needs. 

Find The One Again! The search for the perfect fitting bra was made easy with the personal bra fitting by the Triumph's fitting expert. Ladies, don't be shy to get yourself fitted. Do you know 76% of the women are wearing the wrong bra size? It is utmost important to get your perfect fit bra for the great support and comfort. 

Triumph Body Make-Up Light

Something light and fits you like a second skin, this is definitely your Summer essential for the super smooth finish with extremely lightweight cup design. This range also features Triumph's fabulous new Magic Wire technology with an innovative cup design that promises all the support of a wire with the feel on none. 

Flawless and invisible, it’s feels like wearing nothing at all, yet giving me the natural lift and comfort fit! :p

Soft, smooth fabric in an enticing assortment of feminine hues ensures an all-over incredibly secret fit, no more ugly panty lines or back bra lines. 

Triumph Magic Boost Light

For a little magical enhancement, enhance your Summer look with Magic Boost Light! Maximum cleavage with maximum comfort for the gorgeous you.

 It also features Triumph’s new breathable cups and super light fabric in stunning lace combinations. The spacer cup gives great push-up effect, excellent shaping and support. 

Gorgeous cleavage yet feels so ultra-light and airy. I can wear this comfortably all day long.

Specially tailored by the Maker of Lingerie, this latest collection from Triumph will helps you to beat the heat while enjoying a fresher, breezier and more pleasurable experience. This superb Light Fascination collection is everything you’ve dreamt of. 

Head over to Triump Boutique and major department stores for the most comfortable, lightest bra and lingerie set for you this Summer at Triumph. The retail price for Body Make-Up bra is RM209.00 and briefs are from RM89.90 onwards. 

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