Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fitness First Flow Yoga Retreat @ The Dusun

Namaste.... Inhale the future, exhale the past. Greetings from the beautiful nature of the Berembun Forest Reserve, The Dusun, a small orchard resort with only 5 houses. I was there last month for the Fitness First Flow Yoga Retreat, thanks to the kind invitation from Fitness First Malaysia. Frankly, I am no yogi, but would love to experience such a retreat from the stressful urban life, so I said yes!

My crib for the night was at this house named "Berembun" with a pool just next to it. Wow...Can't wait to jump into the pool. And the best part is, it is a salted water pool!!!

"Berembun" is a Malay word meaning "dew-laden" the best word to describe the lush rainforest situated in the foothills of the southern tail-end of the Main Range (Titiwangsa Range). 

The house has a queen sized bed with ceiling fan and basic amenities but no television or air-conditioner, though. Fret not, it is chilly at night, but do remember to bring along insect repellent.

Pretty spacious bathroom.

Kitchen facilities, refrigerator and drinking water are provided too with complimentary tea/coffee making facilities.

After a short briefing, we began our first yoga session which is the Gentle Flow Yoga under the guidance of Jamie Chow. 

This is great for beginners and helps to revitalise the body and reduce stress. 

Oh my.... Check out their infinity pool! 

I can't swim, but it's equally fun to dip in the pool with such captivating scenic lush green forest. Blissful indeed!

Back to yoga, it's all about core strength this time.

Core flow yoga integrates the whole body while strengthening our core muscles.

After the challenging yoga session, it's time for our healthy and delicious dinner.

Before we call it a night, we had our silence meditation to calm our mind and relaxed the body.

After a night of good rest, we kick-started our morning with Sunrise Dynamic Flow Yoga to help improve our balance, focus and strength. 

Wow.... Thomas demonstrating elbow stand.

One of the participants able to do a handstand.

Before check out, we enjoyed our lovely brekkie.

Though it was my first yoga retreat, I truly enjoyed it. It was a fun and holistic yoga retreat experience with Jamie and Thomas as they are extremely patience in guiding us especially beginner like me. Not to mention, The Dusun offers such amazing experience to explore by every nature lovers.

Thank you Fitness First Malaysia for having me and not forgetting the main sponsor Goodday.

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