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Atopiclair™ Non Steroidal Solution for Atopic Dermatitis Review andGiveaway

Geezz...  Eczema! You know life is never easy dealing with eczema. What exactly is eczema? Eczema is inflammation and irritated skin conditions that often result in dryness, itchiness and discomfort. Eczema affects infants, children as well as adults. You'll experience itching and rash commonly appears on the face, back of knees, wrists, hands or feet. In infants, the itchy rash will produce an oozing, crusting condition that happens mainly on the face and scalp with patches appears anywhere.
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I've had on and off contact dermatitis, skin condition. Few years ago, my condition is so bad at times, I find myself visiting doctor for injection just for an instant relief. Mine most regretted decision ever. Never ever find a quick solution, as it's often linked to steroid. Yeah.. it's pretty much heal faster, but it's also promoting the eczema to flare more. If you are still using topical steroid creams, ointments and lotions which contain a steroid medicine, please throw it all away. Some of the common side effects of steroid cream include skin redness/burning/itching/peeling, thinning of your skin, blistering skin, stretch marks, nausea, heartburn etc.

Atopiclair™ is a unique, clinically proven, non-steroidal treatment that can be used during a flare and remission phases of atopic dermatitis (eczema). It is steroid-free, scent-free and paraben-free, safe even for infants* and relieves itching, burning and pain associated with the skin condition. It prevents loss of skin moisture for up to 72 hours and offers long lasting hydration by restoring your child’s natural skin oils, easing their discomfort and protecting your child from future flare-ups so they can have better fun. Atopiclair™ calms, repairs and protects the skin through a 3-pronged approach and breaks the vicious itch-scratch cycle. It can be used on all skin areas and reduces the need for steroids.

Studies with users of Atopiclair™ showed significant improvements in the management of their skin:

  • Clears atopic dermatitis in as early as 8 days
  • 78% reduction in itching
  • 94% of patients did not require steroid rescue medication to control flare-ups1

You can trust Atopiclair™ to remove the stress and discomfort of eczema from your child so they can play with greater ease.

Clinically proven to be safe and effective in infants*, children and adults.

Soothes itching rapidly.

Repairs the skin barrier with enhanced hydration.

Protects the skin against future flare-ups.

How To Use Atopiclair™
It’s simple and fuss-free.

1) Gently spread and massage a thin coat over affected areas of the skin.
2) Apply it three times a day or as directed by your doctor.
3) Atopiclair™ is safe for long term use and can be used in combination with other topical therapies for acute flare symptoms.


This year, the Persatuan Dermatologi Malaysia along with the Malaysian Paediatric Association, supported by Menarini have produced a very helpful guidebook entitled ‘My Eczema Action Plan: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Managing Eczema’. This beautifully illustrated and informative book is dedicated to these young patients suffering from eczema. 

By using two main cartoon characters, young children will learn how to manage their own skin condition. The first cute cartoon boy is named Nezam and the second is a pretty cartoon girl by the name of Claire. Young patients aged five and below would identify well with these cartoons.  

My Eczema Action Plan Guidebook, or MyEAP Guidebook, is written in easy-to-understand English. As the parents or older family members read to the young patients, both the adults and children will learn how to effectively manage eczema. 

The book is organised by topics and this makes it easy for young children to learn and remember each important aspect of eczema care. 

Eczema is a chronic skin condition with frequent flares if not controlled appropriately. Understanding the skin condition will help the child and their parents to manage the condition well thus  reducing the number of flares. Only by constant monitoring and proactive cooperation with the doctors and nurses, that this skin condition can be kept under control.

To help a child learn how to manage eczema, a ‘traffic light’ system is being introduced;  
green, yellow and red zone. 

  • In the green zone, your skin looks healthy and there’s only mild irritation.

  • When you are in the yellow zone, the skin shows flare-ups or other symptoms and this is when you should apply your medication. 

  • The red zone is when the symptoms of eczema are wide spread and the skin becomes inflamed or infected, then you have to see your doctor immediately. 

Atopiclair is the first medical device cream to be introduced in Malaysia in the year 2011. It is a USFDA-approved non-steroidal treatment with no added colouring, fragrance, paraben and animal derivatives. Atopiclair has been clinically tested to be effective and well-tolerated among infants, children and adults who are suffering from mild to moderate eczema. Atopiclair is a Controller Cream that is applied on stubborn itchy spots

Atopiclair cream (RM95 for 100ml) - for localized flair up lesions.
Atopiclair lotion (RM78 for 120 ml) - for maintenance therapy.

Lotion is white in colour and take some time to fully absorb.
Cream is beige in colour and easily absorb upon application.

Menarini is also working together with Caring Pharmacy to raise funds for the Eczema Kidz Club HKL in conjunction with NEZAM 2015. From May to September 2015, for every bottle or tube of Atopiclair sold, RM3 will be donated to this cause. The campaign sponsors are targeting to raise RM10,000 for this cause in this duration, so please support!


1. 1 pc Atopiclair™ Lotion  (120ml) worth RM78
2. 3pcs Atopiclair™ Non-Steroidal Cream (40ml/pc) worth RM120

1) Join now, if you have child with Eczema. You are required to try Atopiclair™ Cream and Atopiclair™ Lotion on your child.

Leave a comment below, why you deserve to win with the age of your child and your email.

3) A testimonial of the products and a photo of the mother and child(winner) are required by Menarini.

4) Giveaway ends 7th June 2015. Only applicable for Malaysian.
Testimonial and photo by winner to Menarini deadline: 26 June 2015 

*Menarini reserves the right to use the testimonial and photo given. 

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