Saturday, October 21, 2017

Better Health with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water and Diamond Coral WaterBar

Morning! What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Well, I like to drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning to help wake me up and replenish the fluid lost. Keeping ourselves well hydrated is crucial to our overall health. Remember the phrase "drink at least 8 glasses of water a day"?

Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

It's been over a month since we had the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water and Diamond Coral WaterBar installed and it's one of our best home investments. Literally, my family were truly awed with the difference in our drinking water. Did you know health scientists has found that most of the common health problems are the consequences of acidic physique? Thus, nature alkaline water provides alkaline minerals that fit our body needs and helps reduce common health problems such as constipation, headache, high uric acid level and low in body resistance caused by acidic physiques.

The Diamond Coral Alkaline Water has 6 water filter system that removes substances like chlorine and bacteria whilst retaining essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

To maintain its optimum performance, we only required to wash the ceramic of Filter A.

Cooking will never be the same with Diamond Coral Alkaline water.
Did you know soaking vegetables and fruits in the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water actually remove 99.6% of toxic agricultural chemicals? It also quicken the process of defrosting frozen foods, softening of dried fungi, eliminate fishy smell in seafood, prevent fruit from oxidizing and generally foods has a sweeter taster after soaking in Diamond Coral Alkaline Water. Not to mention, even coffee and tea make with the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water taste better and has a richer aroma. Besides drinking and cooking, we also water our plants with Diamond Coral Alkaline water for fresher and longer lasting blossoms. Cut flowers last longer too in the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water.


Constantly running out of bottled water or waiting for the kettle to boil? It's time to bid farewell to water jugs and kettles. With Diamond Coral WaterBar, you'll get constant supply of pure and great tasting water dispensed whenever you need it around the clock. At the touch of a button, you can enjoy fresh hot water within 3 seconds.

Diamond Coral WaterBar 3 second instant heat technology has replaced the traditional heat components in the conventional dispenser. It increases the boiling rate up to 100 times and heats up water in 3 seconds. This not only shortens the boiling time of water, but also avoid reboiling which is prone to release harmful chemicals.

Diamond Coral WaterBar innovative smart warm water function also provide 50°C warm water, perfect for those with newborn baby or elderly parents. The entire family could use this, as the stylish and sleek dispenser is equipped with hot water child safety lock feature.

We simply love the Diamond Coral Alkaline crystal clear and great tasting water with a tinge of sweetness. If plain water simply too bland for you, you could also try adding a few slices of lemon or chopped fruits for some infused water goodness.

Diamond Coral Miracle Spray
Fill the miracle spray with Diamond Coral Alkaline Water for a refreshing facial mist.The functional ceramic balls helps balances skin hydration whilst keep make up last longer. Small and handy, the facial spray is easy to carry and convenient to carry anywhere anytime.
*The ceramic balls are reusable. Just rinse with hot water once a year.

Good health requires good hydration, thus it helps if the water you drink tastes great. Eventually, you will find yourself drinking more water. Wait no more! Get the best water filter system now! For a free trial and more information, kindly log on or Diamond Coral Facebook page

60 Days Free Trial Diamond Coral Alkaline Water

7 Days Diamond Coral WaterBar Free Trial


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