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WURST @ MOV Hotel Kuala Lumpur (pork free)

Hearty and wholesome sausage is not easy to come by, not until we discovered Wurst, a hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur's golden triangle. Amazing in house-made sausage made from scratch using only the finest ingredients, what's not to love? Higher meat content, without any nasty ingredients, low in sodium and saturated fat which literally take clean eating to the next level! Yay... Even the pasta are all freshly made by hand and sourced from a local artisan as chef honour locals within the industry.

Wurst, located at the basement of MOV Hotel has opened its door 3 months ago is the first deli in Malaysia that has its own adult slide. How cool is that! If you're up to it, take the #wurstslidebestslide to enter the deli in style, instead of the elevator.

Despite calling themselves a deli, Wurst boasts a rather posh and contemporary interior.

The modern deli specialising in artisan sausages, meatballs, pastas and more with everything prepare a la minute, served fresh from the kitchen. From wholesome-hearty food to huge breakfasts and imported beers, you're in for a scrumptious treat like no other. You can also take home these mouth-watering sausages.

Baked French Onion Soup RM23

Cook for hours, the onion soup made with six different types of onions has an amazing depth of flavour, absolutely rich and aromatic with a subtle sweetness. The melted manchego cheese and melba toast pack a tasty punch and heartiness to the soup.

Lamb Kofta RM23
Absolutely aromatic, the divine mildly spiced lamb served on a bed of creamy Greek yogurt, incredibly rich chickpea spread and harissa sauce truly adds dimension to the dish.

Wagyu Stracceti (70gm) RM28
Cooked medium rare, the thinly sliced beef served with rocket salad and poached pear was incredibly tender and luscious.

Add a dash of balsamic reduction to elevates the dish to the next level, just marvellous.

Truffle Mac & Cheese RM24
Generously loaded with melting sharp cheddar, truffle oil and cream, the mac and cheese were so creamy and cheesy, absolutely delicious. The sumptuous truffle oil truly intensifies the dish flavour, you could smell the heavenly truffle as soon as the dish is served.

Oh my gosh.... Look at that rich stringy cheese, this is seriously the bomb, the ultimate comfort food.


Haggis RM36
Do you know Wurst is the only place in Kuala Lumpur that serves authentic Haggis? Have you tried it before? Frankly, it was my first time eating Haggis, glad to say I truly loved it. The soft and crumbly savoury pudding composed of lamb's innards (120gm) was served with bashed neeps (turnip), herb mashed (potato) and ardbeg sauce tastes distinctive and perfectly balanced in flavour, a mild haggis that everyone can enjoy.

Cedar Plank Salmon RM36
Steam gently on the cedar plank, the salmon with a subtle hint of woodsy flavour was extremely moist and delicately tender, served with a delicious roasted mini eggplant and luscious traditional 7 herbs frankfurter sauce. Seriously, this is by far the best salmon I've ever eaten!

Wurst Sausage Platter RM199
The highlight of our meal, all hail the giant Wurst sausage platter!
The sausage platter features Chef's selection of 5 types handmade lovingly sausages by the chef himself, 200gm wet aged Wagyu sirloin comes with a marble score of 4, two salads and corn bread.

Absolutely succulent and juicy, the sausages includes Moroccan Lamb Sausage, Beef Sausage, Thai Green Curry Chicken Sausage, Poultry Sausage made with duck, turkey and chicken) and Spicy Smoked Chicken Sausage. My personal favourite was the hot and tangy Thai Green Curry Chicken Sausage, Poultry Sausage which infused with the aromatic Sarawak black pepper and for those who like a little spicy, the flavoursome Spicy Smoked Chicken Sausage with paprika and bird's eye chili was satisfyingly good.

Perfectly cooked, the remarkably tender pink medium-rare wagyu steak has a lovely crust on the outside and juicy inside.

The platter also comes with three decadent housemade sauce, sauerkraut with duck bacon, mustard and beef jus.

Loggy's Noir Du Blanc RM29 (ideal for sharing)
What time is it? It's #loggytime LOL

Joking aside, one bite of this divine chocolate goodness, you will be hooked, regardless of you are a chocolate lover or not! The deconstructed dessert platter features chocolate textures, salted sugar, honeycomb, charcoal crumbs and 2 scoops of heavenly gelato. No words can describe the joy that you feel when you indulge in this, this is the perfect happy ending to our meal.

In a nutshell, we totally enjoyed our meal here, all hits, no misses! Everything was top notch and meticulously prepared with a reflection of Chef Logan's creativity and personality. Good food, great ambiance and attentive service, come check out WURST KL tucked at the basement of MOV Hotel.

MOV Hotel
43, Jalan Berangan, 
Bukit Bintang, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2781 9801

Business hours : 
Mon - Sun 6.30am to 1am

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