Monday, November 2, 2015

So I Think I Can Groom with Petsmore @ Petsmore SS2 PJ

So I think I can groom..... Yes, I am proud to said so! Hehehe.... I've attended Petsmore 'So You Think You Can Groom' workshop held at Petsmore's SS2 PJ outlet recently. And I've gained great knowledge on basic grooming from the workshop besides having a good bonding time with my fur kid 'Toto'. Yeah... I have a dog and her name is ToTo! :D Now I could trim Toto's nails and clean her ears without worries of hurting her.

The COO of Petsmore Mr Sean Saw also introduced Furfurry Academy. The academy purpose is to nurture and educate new talent in the grooming field. To be a great pet owner, it takes a lot of patience, passion and knowledge. Some pet owners might think it is easy to snip away or simply shaving off the pet's fur but wrong technique could actually lead to disastrous result.

Petsmore Master Groomer also shared some easy tips to ensure our pet will be well-groomed at home. In the short workshop we learned to understand our pets, basic food and nutrition and a complete head-to-toe grooming training in just one hour. We also go home with a certificate to acknowledge our participation. Yay!

Look.... even a dog can dolled-up! Check our her manicure or is it pedicure? :p

Regular groomed pets is important as it not only helps owner to be aware of the changes in the pet's body that may require veterinary attention, it's also important for their health and well being. 

Living up to its new tagline, "Where Love Begins" Petsmore believes that every living being deserves to be loved and what better way to show your sincere  love to furry friends than to properly care for their well-being.

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