Monday, November 9, 2015

Din Tai Fung Introduces New Dishes and Tea-Time Sets

Din Tai Fung is one of the top ten restaurants of the world and proud to be the only Asian restaurant to be on the list. Recently, Din Tai Fung was even ranked the sixth in the list of '101 Best Restaurants in Asia' by US-based food website.

Din Tai Fung famed for its Xiao Long Bao as each piece is delicately hand pleated with 18 exquisite folds and prepared fresh using only the finest ingredients. We had the signature Pork Dumpling (bottom left), Shrimp & Pork Dumpling(bottom right) and Chocolate & Red Bean dumpling(top). The chocolate and red bean dumpling is highly recommended to end your meal as desserts. Best enjoy piping hot too!


Pork Bun, Vegetarian Mushroom Bun
Simply adore the soft fluffy bun and moist flavourful fillings.

Mini Sesame Bun, Mini Red Bean Bun

Vegetable and Pork Bun.
Do you know the vegetable used for the fillings are actually finely chopped 'siew pak choy'?

Mini Black Sesame Bun.

Mini Red Bean Bun.

Sesame Rice Ball with Peanut


Mini Golden Custard Egg Bun RM3.00 (1 pcs) RM8.50 (3 pcs)
One of the best custard bun I've tasted. Bonus point, even when its warm, you still get gooey fillings. Most of the custard bun fillings will get clump when it's not piping hot. According to the chef, it takes quite a few of trial and error to get this perfect fillings. So make sure you check this out!

Steamed Thousand Layer Cake

Vegetable & Diced Beancurd Fried Rice RM17.50

Noodle with Fresh Mushroom & Tofu RM15.50
Always love Din Tai Fung's noodle. Springy texture and al dente simply tasty.

Stir-Fried Cloud Ear Mushroom with Garlic RM22.80

Stir-Fried Garlic Shoot with Minced Pork RM25.10
This is the first time I had garlic shoot and boy it was so tasty and addictive.

Chilled Mango Pudding
Just nice to end our meal with a pudding with just the right sweetness.

Boiled Papaya & Snow Fungus
Need some nourishment? Opt for this instead.

Ginseng Tea with Red Dates (Hot/Warm/Cold)

Lemongrass with Lime Juice, Roselle Drink

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