Monday, November 9, 2015

Verthys Fineskin Workshop with Nuyou @ The Proof

On a fine Saturday morning, I attended a beauty workshop with Verthys and Nuyou magazine at Proof Cafe. In the workshop, we are introduced to the newly launched Fineskin by Verthys. Fineskin is a high performing, premium quality skincare that not only affordable, but trustworthy, a beautiful investment for anyone that wanted to restore their skin to its finest form with long-lasting results.

Fineskin by Verthys designed to release 7 Clarifying Activations to Transform, Balance and Hydrate away blemishes, excessive oil, dislocations, dry and itchy sensations, reactive skin with red inflammations within 7 days. It is made of 17 miracle ingredients harvested from nature's best and powered by 30 years of trusted beauty science. 

To ensure our skin is in its finest form, Fineskin works deeply and quickly to dissolve impurities, rebalance sebum, lightening and even out spots, intensely hydrate skin, boost immunity as well as release antibacterial protection and antioxidants. 

Beside skincare, we learned on some makeup and grooming tips as well.

Thank you Verthys for having us.

We all deserves to have fine-looking skin. So ladies, invest in a Fineskin experience now and let Verthy's beauty professional pamper and usher your skin to a beautiful new beginning. Be it the Professional Facial Treats or Home Retail Products, your personal skincare needs will be well taken care of, just fine!

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