Sunday, May 29, 2016

Healthy Heart with Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats

Hi, folks! Do you have a healthy heart? Living a hectic lifestyle, poor diet and lack of exercise are the main offenders for heart disease. Therefore, it is utmost important for us to start caring for our heart by eating healthier, exercise and quit smoking. For diet, we could start with oats! Oats are beneficial to lower the risk of heart disease, but preparing it could be a hassle and not everyone find it palatable.

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Model, Cher Siew Wei, Corporate Wellness Manager, Nestlé Malaysia, Khoo Kar Khoon, Communication Director, Nestlé Malaysia, Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Manager, Milks, Nestlé Malaysia, Chew Soi Ping, Executive Director, Sales, Nestlé Malaysia, Chris Chan, Consumer Marketing Manager, Nestlé Malaysia, Alesha Mah, Brand Manager, Nestlé Malaysia, Evelyn Yoong, Innovation and Renovation Manager, Nestlé Malaysia, Model

Fret not, now you could power up your hearts with Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats, the first-in-market to combined action of two naturally-derived cholesterol-lowering ingredients, Acticol ® and Beta-glucan launched by Malaysia’s heart health advocator, Nestlé Omega Plus®. Do you know only Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats has Acticol® which is naturally derived from plant sterols, that have been scientifically proven to block cholesterol from entering the bloodstream? It also works simultaneously with Beta-glucan from oats that binds with cholesterol in the gut and removes it from the body.
During the launch, we had the chance to check our cholesterol level. Surprisingly, my result was not as good as I expected. OMG... time to stock up on Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats!!! 
With The Power of Two”, dual-action of blocking and removing of cholesterol, we could manage our cholesterol levels more effectively, compared to the consumption of oats alone. Do you know research has proven that Malaysian in their thirties have arteries akin to those elderly due to their unhealthy lifestyle? Hence, it's time to start taking care of your heart! A small lifestyle change such as regular exercise and eating a heart-healthy diet along with two servings of delicious Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats a day can improve the quality of life for those at risk.

Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats comes in convenient single serve sachets, perfect for those on-the-go. Simply add 200ml of hot water and stir and you are ready to go with the power of two cholesterol reducing ingredients to enable you to live life to the fullest!

 Love your heart!
Nestlé Omega Plus® Milk with Oats is available at all hypermarkets and supermarkets for RM 19.98 (10 sachets x 42g in one pouch). Head over to your nearest AEON, AEON BIG, GIANT, TESCO, ECONSAVE and MYDIN outlets to kick start your heart health today.
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