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Behind The Scenes At Pizza Hut's Kitchen

Hey, hey.... it's time to indulge in some cheesy goodness. This got to be one of the best pizza I've eaten and I'm proud to say it is made by yours truly. Ohh yeah.... You heard me right! Last week, when I received an invitation to an exclusive make my own pizza session at Pizza Hut, I literally jumped at the chance. I mean this is NOT the usual food review, but hands on pizza making, such a golden opportunity I tell you. :p

But little did I know, we will be making pizza with the Pizza Hut General Manager, Mr Eric Leong. Joining me are my fellow blogger friends, the happy go lucky Pinkymomma and the gorgeous Sunshinekelly. Got our hairnet and apron put on, now we have the green light to enter the kitchen for a quick tour before we began our fun session aka pizza making. Lol

All the ingredients are stored in the freezer to keep them fresh.

Fresh ingredients are stored in a well sealed container in the chiller.

All the fresh produce and ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers who go thru periodic audits and inspections of facility and raw material with strict codes of practice and food safety regulations.

The powerful Hobart's pizza dough mixer which cost a bomb! 

Finally, here comes the fun moments I've been waiting for. Hehehe.....
But before that, let's wash our hands squeaky clean and sanitize it because it's important to practice hygiene when handling food.

It was such an honoured to have Mr Eric getting his hands dirty and guiding us on the entire pizza making process. Thank you so much for your patience and guidance.

Ahh.... I'm so excited to begin, but let's take a pic with the pizza dough first. :p

Knead and shape the dough into a ball.
Alright, I got this! In case you are wondering, the dough actually feels so soft and airy. Lol

The dough then put to rest for a final rise before sheeting.

After the final rise, the dough now is ready for sheeting. This was easy peasy, flatten the dough and insert it into the dough sheeter and voila!

Now here comes the fun part, adding toppings to pizza! Weee.... specially for us, we are allowed to create our own pizza version. So many ingredients to choose!
Did you know Pizza Hut maintains its ingredient freshness by changing it every four hours? Anything that is over four hours will be discarded and replace with fresh ingredients. Alright, before you start complaining of food wastage, rest assured it was very minimal as the ingredients are topped to the max only during peak hours. 

Back to my pizza topping, the first step was to spread the sauces evenly.

Make pizza like a champ! Lol
So I picked beef, pepperoni and pineapple for the toppings with extra cheese.

Ta daa..... before going into the oven. Lol

A regular pizza takes about 7 minutes 30 seconds to cook in the oven. Well, this basically explained why we are usually required to wait for at least 15 minutes.

Fresh from the oven.

Slicing it into 6 slices.

OMG..... look at my lovely protein-packed pizza, which I literally name it the "Bodybuilder Pizza". :P

Yay.... after sweating it out in the kitchen, finally it's time to enjoy our dinner. Apparently, our pizza creation will be judged by Mr Eric. According to him, a great pizza should have the right balance of sauce, cheese and ingredients. Mine was loaded with a little bit too much of meats overpowering other flavours. Oppss.... Nevertheless, the pizza was delicious and the fact that I made it myself, it was even tastier. Lol

Alternatively, you can check out my video version. 

Growing up, when talk about pizza, the legendary Pizza Hut immediately came into the picture. Bringing the best of international and local flavours on a pizza, Pizza Hut remains Malaysian's favourite pizza chain. And thanks to technology, it is really easy to order a pizza now with the new and improved Pizza Hut's website. Before I end my post, I am also giving away RM120 worth of Pizza Hut's dining vouchers to ONE winner. Join my Instagram contest


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Contest starts from 7th April - 20th April 2017 and the winner will be announced on 25th April 2017
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  2. Yes i was a fun and hands on experience making our own pizza in their kitchen.

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  4. The pizza look delicious. Good luck to participants

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