Friday, April 21, 2017

Value for Money Fine Dining @ Marco Creative Cuisine, 1 Utama

Looking for a restaurant to impress your other half, loved ones or even business associates without burning a hole in your pocket? Well, look no further, you ought to check out Marco Creative Cuisine at 1 Utama Shopping Centre! I bet you'll be amazed with "The Journey of Flavours"at MARCO as each dish is meticulously and passionately created, giving every detail an equal amount of attention and care, from the selection of ingredients, preparation and cooking, right until the food presentation. 

For only RM78+ per person, MARCO offers a multi-course creative cuisine served in a charming ambiance. 

Pretty and elegant tiffany blue and white colour composition.

"The Journey of Flavours
RM78 per person (no sharing allowed)
*price includes 6% GST but excludes 10% service charge

Velvety Matcha-Lime Shooter
We started our gastronomic journey with a zesty shooter, chilled lime snow covered in velvety matcha-lime foam to neutralize our taste buds.

Savoury Eclair
A real beauty, we have terrific Aubergine Caviar, Green Chile Pesto and Tomato Confit beautifully decorated on a Gruyere flavoured Pate a Choux.

Strawberry Gazpacho 
TBH, I'm not a huge fan of chilled soup, but after trying this gazpacho, it completely changed my mind. The bright coloured chilled cold soup of strawberries was sweet and refreshing, delightfully garnished with dehydrated strawberries and microgreens. Oh... so lovely!

French Onion Soup
Caramelised onion broth accompanied by French Toast.
If you prefer piping hot soup, this caramelised onion broth accompanied by French Toast will be a great option. The rich onion broth was cooked for more than 5 hours, resulting in a deeply fragrant and flavourful soup.

Chicken Liver Parfait
The rich and creamy chicken liver covered with a brulee was such a perfect starter.

Divinely delicious with the accompaniment toasted bread and apple chips.

Savoury Ice Cream Salad
Pretty plating of assorted baby leaves, heirloom tomato, seasonal microgreens and violet flowers served with savoury ice cream. Simply adore the simple yet standout sea salt infused ice cream, perfect accompaniment to the refreshing crisp greens.

Duck Breast with Orange Puree and Roasted Beetroot
Perfectly cooked, the sous vide pan seared Pekin duck was superb, beautifully garnished with orange puree, Valrhona dark chocolate and roasted beetroot.

Gorgeous medium rare with pink in the middle, the duck breast was succulent and fork tender. 

Salmon with Jet Black Hollandaise
The sous vide Atlantic Salmon was incredible too! Nicely done, moist and flaky, with a crisp crust. Beautifully presented garnished with black squid ink hollandaise, pickled beetroot and green chile pesto.

Creme Brulee with White Chocolate Sherbet
Lush satiny-smooth egg custard accompanied by creamy white chocolate sherbet and meringue kisses.

Not overly sweet, this was spot on!

Raspberry Decadence
Creamy luscious raspberry cheesecake with raspberry gel, accompanied by lemon meringue shards and passion fruit gel.

 Sparkling Iced Berry
Refreshing carbonated beverage.

Single Origin, French Press Coffee.
The coffee has a beautiful aroma with mild body and slightly acidic. If you are not into coffee, you could also opt for tea. (loose leaves)

The 7-course menu are truly super worthy, impressive in taste and presentation. For those who don't fancy a full course menu, you could also opt for a la carte menu available at RM18 per serving for soup & entree, RM35 per serving for main (+RM10 for Duck Breast) and RM20 per serving for desserts.

If you were to ask me, where is the most instagram-worthy spot in the restaurant, it is definitely with the mesmerizing jellyfish at the aquarium near the entrance.

Up close shot of the jellyfish. Oh... so magical, I cannot! <3

Now, please allow me to share a little background on the talented Chef Daren who helmed Marco's kitchen. Born and raised in KL, Chef Daren graduated with an IT degree and had spent a few years in corporate life working the stock broking, banking and IT fields. His first entrepreneurship was a traditional nyonya kueh factory where he joined the business and learned the business from the bottom up. His approach to food is to understand the science of cooking instead of relying only on emotions. He believed that the fundamental role of a chef is to give diners a meal that can nourish and revitalise. Different ingredients should be handled and cooked differently to bring out the best flavours. A dish should finish with a thoughtful presentation, hence the final creation is ultimately, an artistic science.

Marco Creative Cuisine
Lot G146, GF (Old Wing)
1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
Petaling Jaya, 47800 Selangor.
Tel : 03-7731 8923

Business hours :
Monday to Sunday 12pm - 10pm
Lunch 12pm - 3pm
Coffee & Desserts only 3pm - 6pm
Dinner 6pm - 10pm


  1. All the foods looks so delicious ! and i think the price RM78+ are really worth for money !

  2. Well, RM78 for all that seems a good price. But no sharing? Means can't even be romantic to "feed" a bit to your partner? :D

  3. love the selection of dishes and I think it is a great concept ... the food certainly tastes good

  4. Love the restaurant concept and the food looks scrumptious! *.*

  5. RM78 is a steal for fine dining. The food presentation is really eye-catching and memorable. Can I just have the raspberry cheesecake?

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