Sunday, April 16, 2017

New Menu 'Curry with a Kick' Japanese Curry @ Sushi King

Fiery food lovers, rejoice! It's time to excite your taste buds as Malaysia’s all-time favourite Japanese restaurantSushi King brings you an exclusive Japanese curry menu themed “Curry with a Kick!”, available only for a limited time. From 1st April till 30 June 2017, it's all about Japanese curry with 11 exceptional dishes to choose from, each dish distinctively extraordinary in their own way to be enjoyed. Be prepared to take on the heat as Sushi King whipped up two exciting flavours of curry that are perfect even for the toughest and most seasoned ‘fiery-food-lover'. The best part is, diners could personalise their curry dishes by selecting their preferred sauce, Curry, Tomato Curry or Spicy Curry and pairing it off with Chicken Katsu, Seafood Fry or Yakiniku. Also, don't miss out on the special desserts to cool down your curry venture.

Chicken Katsu RM16.85
Crisp and succulent deep-fried chicken served with long beans, rice and tangy tomato curry.

Seafood Fry RM16.85
Deep-fried fish, prawns served with long beans, rice and tomato curry. If you like the sweetness of Japanese curry, you will love this tomato curry.

Yakiniku RM16.85
Pan-fried tender beef served with long beans, rice and spicy curry. If you think Japanese curry isn't spicy, wait till you try this. :p

Grilled Cheese Curry RM14.73
Deep-fried chicken served with long beans, rice, cheese and curry.

Agedashi Beef Curry RM20.03
Fried silky beancurd served with pan-fried tender beef, mushrooms and cheese in curry.

Curry Kiryu Udon RM14.73
Flat udon topped with tempura prawn and crabstick in curry.

Ultimate satisfaction, love the udon silky smooth and chewy texture. Did you know flat udon is a specialty of Gunma Prefecture, one of Japan's leading wheat producers? Thus, it is a must eat in the area of Kiryu. 

Aburi Curry Tamago RM3.18
Flame-grilled egg topped with cheese and curry mayonnaise. A perfect combination of delicate egg sweetness and mild curry flavour.

Curryfornia Roll RM5.30
Crabstick, cucumber, egg and flying fish roe with curry piri-piri sauce. Simply addictive!

Curry Ebi Fry Nigiri RM6.36
Deep-fried succulent prawn drizzled with curry mayonnaise.
Curry Tori Katsu Gunkan RM4.24
Deep-fried chicken with curry mayonnaise. 

Vanilla Ice-cream Doughnut RM5.19
Doughnut topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Matcha Ice-cream Doughnut RM5.19
Doughnut topped with green tea ice-cream.

In conjunction with the promotion, Sushi King is challenging Malaysian with the Curry-Hot-Kick Challenge. Upload your most creative ‘hot kick’ expressions to Sushi King Facebook with the hashtag #MySKCurry to stand a chance to win an exclusive Collectible T-Shirt from Sushi King.

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  1. your final pic so cute! Would love to try their yakiniku and grilled cheese curry soon ^^