Sunday, April 9, 2017

Holistic Energy Field Therapy @ Lajeune Lounge

Hey! Are you constantly feeling fatigue, restless or wanted to improve your health? Introducing Lajeune, a revolutionary High Tech Energy Healthcare provider offering a safer and sustainable healthcare alternative using Energy Field Therapy. The health lounge was launched since 2016, offer unique energy treatments specifically designed to relieve body stress and pain, improve blood circulation and stimulate our nervous systems to achieve optimal health. Last Saturday, we are honoured to be invited to the grand opening of its latest outlet in Taman Cahaya Alam, Shah Alam. Currently there are over 20 Express Stations in Terengganu and growing, in the pipeline, Lajeune also aims to expand up to 300 outlets by 2019 and become the biggest lifestyle trendsetter for the Malaysian healthcare industry. 

Fantastic relaxing and comfortable vibes, perfect for user to recharge, rejuvenate and chill.

Group pic with my fellow blogger Suki, Adilla(Chief Marketing Officer & Spoke person for Lajeune), Donna (Licensee Shah Alam Lajeune) and yours truly. 

This treatment helps to improve our blood circulation, basal metabolism rate, cell oxygen transportability, autonomic nervous system and reduce blood acidity by using pulsating electrostatic. 
It is suitable for everyone and especially good for those having difficulties to exercise. 
We are required to sit on the cozy sofa and placed our feet onto the machine. Throughout the whole treatment, I only felt slight vibration in my feet while my friend doesn't feel a thing at all. Well, it's pretty normal as everyone will respond differently. 

Beauty & Firming RM50/session

It is also highly effective for problem skin such as acne, age spot, dark circle, wrinkles, skin brightening & rejuvenation and face lifting. 
I had the opportunity to try out the face lifting treatment. Prior to the treatment, a layer of collagen gel was applied onto my face to help route the electricity.  After the treatment, I noticed my complexion being plumper, tighten and lifted, especially along the jaw line. Again, there's no discomfort or pain throughout the treatment. 

Pain Relief RM50/session
For those who have pain issues, you might want to try the modern acupressure method. This non invasive surgical and therapeutic pain relief treatment are proven to be effective and natural. 

Lajeune is managed and owned by Fantasia Five Sdn. Bhd as well as a certified partner for Mega Business Hub. They are also open for franchising and licensing platforms to promote its simplistic and luxurious lifestyle concept with low capital requirements. Once again, my heartiest congratulations on the grand opening and thanks for having me. 

Don't miss out on their new outlet opening promotion. Start your holistic journey at Lajeune today, after all, prevention is better than cure. 

No 57-P2, Lot B, Block D,
Jaya One, 
Petaling Jaya. 

Instagram : @lajeune_elounge

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