Friday, December 8, 2017

Hoshino Coffee @ MidValley City

Yay.... Hoshino Coffee is finally here in Malaysia!
If you are a coffee lover and sweet tooth addict, you would definitely like to check them out. Apart from their mouth-watering desserts, Hoshino Coffee also offers a wide array of fusion comfort foods. Hoshino Coffee founded since 2011, opened its first outlet in Saitama Prefecture, Japan and has been capturing the hearts and palates of the people around it. Currently, it has expanded to more than 180 outlets in Japan and has made their presence in Singapore, South Korea, China and now, Malaysia. Here are some of our favourite dishes.

Seafood Paella RM26.90
Superb fresh seafoods, the rich golden colour paella generously laden with mussels, prawns and squids was flavourful and bursting with seafood sweetness every bite.

Salmon Wasabi Cream Spaghetti RM26.90
The delightful and unique combination of carbonara with a distinct hint of wasabi flavour was creamy and tasty, goes very well with the moist salmon.

Hoshino Signature Spaghetti RM19.90
I don't usually fancy pasta, but this is one amazing spaghetti I enjoyed slurping to. The al dente pasta tossed with bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms and served with a perfectly poached egg was brilliantly done.
Hoshino Pot-Baked Curry Rice with Chicken RM23.90
This is no ordinary Japanese curry. It was loaded with an abundance of cheese, sausage and chicken, so cheesy so good. Add on the accompaniment pickled garlic with spicy sauce for slight heat and tangy flavour.

Cheesy Chicken Cutlet Platter RM29.90
The juicy and succulent chicken platter comes with an option of either rice or toast.

Pancake Souffle (Double) RM18.90
Incredibly airy, fluffy and delicious, the pancake was so good on its own. However, if you preferred something sweeter, you could choose to add on maple syrup or honey syrup.

Vanilla Souffle Custard Sauce RM15.90
Definitely one of my favourite, the souffle was light and fluffy with a delicate texture. Do note that a waiting time of approximately 20 minutes are required as the souffle is baked upon order.

Matcha Souffle RM15.90
The matcha shouffle was lovely too with subtle matcha flavours.

Hand-drip Coffee RM12.90 (Half price for refill)

Each premium cup of hand-dripped coffee was made of the finest Arabica beans carefully selected, roasted and delicately hand-brewed. Hoshino Coffee uses specialty-grade Arabica beans which are carefully selected by Coffee Maestro, Masahiro Kanno, which will then be freshly roasted at the outlet for it to retain its flavour and aroma.

To further enhance the taste, hot coffee is served in a preheated cup, while iced coffee is served in a copper mug to present the beverage in its best form.

Japanese Milkcoffee RM13.90
Taking milkcoffee to a whole new level, at Hoshino Coffee, you could personalise your milkcoffee with a choice of Raspberry Chocolate, Honey Nut, Mint Chocolate and Strawberry Banana.
The milkcoffee served with condensed milk and syrup on the side, you can mix it according to your preference.

Fruit Tea RM17.90
The fruit tea served in a decanter infused with assorted fruits like apple, orange, blueberries, lemon was absolutely refreshing. If you prefer something sweeter, you could add in the syrup.

Ground floor.

Hoshino Coffee consisting of two floors, each with its own pleasing ambiance. The ground floor exudes a cosy, relaxed atmosphere and a classy ambiance with leather sofas and wooden furnitures at the upper floor.

There's also a kid's corner to keep your kids entertained while waiting their foods.

In a nutshell, Hoshino serves not only amazing desserts, but awesome comfort foods too, on top of the great ambiance and warm service. Must try include their signature Hoshino Blend Coffee, Japanese Milkcoffee, Pancake Souffle, Pot-Baked Souffle, Hoshino Signature Spaghetti, Hoshino Pot Baked Curry Rice and Seafood Paella.

For more information on Hoshino Coffee, please log on to

Hoshino Coffee
Midvalley City
Business hours : 10am-10pm

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