Monday, December 4, 2017

The Spectacular Genting SkySymphony Christmas Show & Tour the World with Snoopy @ SkyAvenue,Resorts World Genting

Last weekend, we had the pleasure to witness the launch of the spectacular SkySymphony Christmas winch show & Tour the World with Snoopy exhibition at Genting SkyAvenue. Resorts World Genting set to awe thousands of holiday makers and tourists with its interesting Christmas and school holiday activities.

As the clock strike 8pm, the four storey high LED screen came to live, fascinating the visitors with its creativity and technical brilliance with 1,001 light bulbs quickly moved into shapes that depicts a story and changing colours at the same time.

The story unfolds with a snow globe that showcased a wintry Christmas village with cheerful Christmas songs filling the air even as the tale plays out. It's one joyous scene after another and last but not least a peek at Santa's factory where dozens of elves are busy preparing Christmas gifts.

On top of that, santa's reindeer, teddy bears and Gingerbread Man are among the many festive icons that show up on screen as well, as the story continues to highlight various stages of elvest at work. The nearly 5 minutes story ends on a sweet note as the gifts are rolled off the assembly line, to be presented under a Christmas tree. And this is where the 20 foot tall tree comes into the picture, rising from beneath the stage, which caught us by surprise. The Christmas tree is certainly a part of the magical unique show that elicits oohs and aahs from visitors as it unfolds in all its magical splendour.

The merry making continues with Santa Claus, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Reindeer and Elves dancing on the stage whilst the Christmas Carollers continued to serenade the audience with Christmas songs and energetic dance performance.

The production of the show costing over RM500,000 has surely added to the buzz and boost up the spirit of Christmas. The SkySymphony show was indeed a crowd puller with its audio, visual and motion graphics showcase that features 1,001 winch balls suspended from a four-storey high ceiling. From 1st December until 31st December, make your way up to Genting Skyavenue to catch 'The Spectacular Genting SkySymphony Christmas Show' themed Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree at every two hours intervals, a world-class entertainment not to be miss. There will also be three other stories namely The Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess being showed every hourly after each Christmas show. The show starts from 10am to midnight daily.

If you love Snoopy, don't miss out the chance to spot 52 adorable figurines of Snoopy dressed in costumes from different countries for photo opportunities, plus a chance to 'Meet and Greet with Snoopy & Charlie Brown with Friends' at SkyAvenue.

Along with festive icons including Santa Claus, elves and santarina, Snoopy and Charlie Brown, the colourful characters complete with Christmas tree floats will meet and greet visitors as they spread festive cheer daily at the following schedule :

Level 1 of SkyAvenue
11.00am to 11.30am
3.00pm to 3.30pm 
8.00pm to 8.30pm 

Level 3 of Sky Avenue 
1.00pm to 1.30pm
6.00pm to 6.30pm

Also, don't miss out the largest Snoopy, larger than life size metre high inflatable Snoopy.

For more information on Resorts World Genting Christmas activities please call 03-2718 1118 or visit

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  1. The festival of Christmas is the most amazing one. The spectacular Gentling Sky Symphony Christmas. Everything looks so wonderful, bright and colorful. We cannot miss the gingerbread man, teddy bear and our Santa.