Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Egg-cellent All Day Dining @ The Hermitage, Plaza Arkadia

Do you like eggs as much as we do?
If you are, this is egg-xactly the place you should check out. Newly opened in Plaza Arkadia, The Hermitage All Day Dining pride themselves on serving typical breakfast fare with a twist. Emphasizing on homemade products using premium ingredients and coupled with Chef Simon Teing's amazing culinary talents with a flair of French influence, you'll be totally hooked and hunger for more.

Salted Egg Yolk Garlic Bread RM12.00
The well-toasted garlic bread was wonderfully fragrant and full of garlic flavour, though I wish they were more generous with the salted egg, for more 'oomph'.

Baked Butter Croissant (3 pcs) RM14.00
Light and flaky, the mini croissant served with homemade salted egg butter which adds a delicate flavour to the croissant and refreshing citrus compote.

Vanilla Crepes RM23.00
Craving for sweet brekkies? The fancy crepe with light butternut cream, almond drops and Latin's milk jam on the side was so satisfying and will make you crave for more.

Breakfast Plate RM38.00
For a hearty breakfast, I would highly recommend The Hermitage's breakfast platter which offer black truffle scrambled eggs, grilled home made cured beef brisket, hand crushed chat potatoes, ripe tomato, sauteed mushrooms, virgin olive oil drizzled fine beans and croissant. While everything was nicely done, the creamy and velvety scrambled eggs topped with black truffle truly elevates the dish to a whole new level.

Brekkie Rossini RM38.00
Perfectly cooked poached egg on brioche toast is the perfect breakfast! But it's even better, with the addition of slow cooked tender ox cheek topped with foie gras butter, black fungus and truffle slices on toast.

Cheesy Egg Roll RM32.00

The irresistible egg roll was generously laden with succulent tiger prawn, wild mushroom, mozzarella cheese, topped with Bonito flakes, spring onion, cod roe aioli and served with a croissant is good enough to be a meal.

Salmon N Chips RM30.00

Amazingly tasty and crunchy, the golden brown kataifi rolled of succulent salmon and chicken terrine comes with Hermitage's homemade luscious cod roe tartare sauce.

Duckling RM30.00
The penne pasta topped with juicy and crispy duck confit, foie gras butter and fried duck egg was remarkably good.

Aglio-olio RM30.00
The Hermitage's aglio-olio al dente pasta tossed with XO sauce, garlic, prawns, scallops and lobster oil was briny, absolutely flavourful and aromatic. Portion wise, was pretty decent too. While I'm not a big fan of pasta, I would definitely come back for this.

Vietnamese's Inspired Baquette RM22.00
A combination of cured duck breast, carrot salad, scallion, kyuri cucumber and hoisin mayo goes incredibly well with this chewy, crispy baguette bread.

Duo of Fish RM30.00
Chef Simon's don creation offer a generous portion of marinated salmon and tuna sashimi, avocado cubes, soft boiled egg, drizzled with sesame on a bed of California rice.

Souffle RM18.00
Last but not least, the amazing tall, fluffy and airy souffle! One of the house signature, the melt-in-the-mouth souffle served with deliciously dark, bittersweet chocolate sauce and a scoop of frozen yoghurt ice cream are sure to please.

Blackcurrant with pomelo pulps RM12.00
Quench your thirst with the refreshing homemade lemonade that just hit the spot on a warm and sunny afternoon.

All in all, we simply love The Hermitage's cosy ambiance, unpretentious and delicious foods. Must try includes salted egg yolk garlic bread, breakfast plate, aglio olio and souffle. The prices might seem a little steep, but the quality of the food was really worth it.

Whether enjoying breakfast, brunch or anytime of the day, The Hermitage All Day Dining's talented chefs has the perfect awesome unique meals to help you through your day.

*Pic source frm Hermitage's Facebook

The Hermitage
F-G-7, Plaza Arkadia,
Persiaran Residen 3,
Jalan Intisari, Desa Parkcity,
Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : 9am-8pm (Mon-Fri) 9am-10pm (Sat & Sun)

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